i absolutely love it when i find random little patterns in things. i was drying my hair this morning when i realized that:

  • i was the same age as my father when i started having children
  • my first son was born 25 years after my first sibling
  • my second son was born 25 years after me, and the same month
  • my last child will be born 25 years after my last sibling, and the same month


i love my school

someone asked what it is i love about my kids school. i thought the answer deserved it's own post.

i love the teachers. i love the level of involvement they display in the kids' development. i love the dedication they have. i especially love the ones who come to PTA meetings. i love the PTA. it took me a while to find my place there (i'm tattooed, pierced, and young...none of them are any of those things) but they were all gracious to me and never made me feel out of place. these people bust their hump to an amazing degree for this school. we are kind of the bastard school in the neighborhood, smack in between a few of the wealthiest schools in denver east. so we have to work a little harder. and we do. i love the students. i love the positive attitude they have. i love that the 5th graders are positive role models for my little ones. i love the sense of empowerment they have. we have a really low rate of serious incidents at our school. it's much lower than would be expected of a school so economically and racially diverse. i think it's because the students are empowered, and taught by the p.e. teacher in a special program, to mediate and resolve conflicts between themselves in a mature manner. we have students that wear special shirts saying who they are and roam the playground during recess always ready to help diffuse an argument. i love the principal. she is no-nonsense. she means business. she is always available. she keeps herself visible. she is totally involved in everything going on in that school. i was reading to the ECE class on thursdays in january, and every single thursday she was there, sticking her head in the door. just checking in. she is at every pta meeting, but she only comments when she needs to. she's not there to run it, just to listen to what we have to say. she is a very good listener. she has been offered a position at a local middle school (big fat raise, less students) but she turned it down because she loves our school. she is exploring making our school a k-8. i'm on the committee to explore it. should be interesting.

i could go on, but i have to cook dinner. that's a good start.

great schools

we are starting to think about moving. five of us wll not fit into 2 bedrooms. i am reluctant to stray too far from where i am now because i LOVE my kids' school.

i found a website i think might help... it shows schools' csap scores, compares them against the state average to give a quick synopsis of how a school rates against others in the state, or within a similar demographic. there is a section per school for parent feedback on the schools. i think this will be a great tool in helping me choose a new school if i have to.

school lunch

today turned out to be a pretty good day. we got homework all done right after swimming lessons (it doesn't usually work like that without a fight), they ate all their dinner, got to watch fear factor (which they love, much to my chagrin), had a good pillow fight, and went to bed. i love those days.

my 4 year old has been staying after preschool to have lunch in the cafeteria. it makes him feel like a big boy to have lunch packed for him. it make him feel important to have his mom come have lunch with him. of course, this means that every day, i get to go sit with him for lunch, with all the preschoolers who stay full day. they all seems to really like me. and some of the kindergarten kids have been asking if they can sit with me. they see me around school all the time, so i guess now they want to know who i am. so i have this flock of tiny people for about 30 minutes a day. which is fine, i just didn't know how the 6 year old would handle it. i don't think he knows what to make of it yet. some days, he'll tell all the little people to move so he can sit with his mom. and then there's days like today when he sits as far from me a humanly possible and doesn't acknowledge i exist. which doesn't work out so well for him, because all the little ECE and kindergarten kids yell across the cafeteria, "BREN...YOUR MOM"S HERE!!!" it's interesting to me to watch him go through the different phases of wanting his mom and then wanting his independence. i have to say, i'm starting to really like school lunch.