quite the morning

Where to start?

Hmmm...I was up until 3 for no good reason, just couldn't sleep. At 4 B woke up, hysterical, for no good reason. Just couldn't sleep. Of course, he sent T to tell me this (must be nice to have a little servant). At 8 they both got up again wanting to play N-64. And B's throat was sore for the 3rd day in a row. So I tell them to get their room cleaned up and make their beds while I call the doctor. By 10, the room was clean enough to let them play games. The doctor's appt is scheduled for 11, so I have them get dressed before the games go on. Five minutes after sending them to get dressed, T starts screaming little a banshee. He has stuck his finger in a hole and can't get it out. I'm tired, and really in no mood for this, and rather than be good consoling mom, I ask him what part of getting dressed involves sticking his finger in a hole. This, of course, only makes him scream more. Some vegetable oil and a q-tip later, the finger is removed and he gets dressed.

20 minutes of games, then off to the doctor. I have promised B no shots, only a q-tip in the throat to check for strep. He takes the swab like a champ and everyone is impressed. And sure as hell is hot, he has strep. The doctor gives him the option of 10 days of antibiotics or one shot, right then, and all done. I opt for the shot. B does not. We begin negotiations and he settles on the shot in exchanges for popsicles AND a toy from the toy chest for both he and his brother (he's good at this). Of course, he is only willing to take the shot in the arm. Well, the nurse comes in and informs him the shot will be in the butt. Not Happy. He lays on his stomach and begins to cry. He continues to wail uncontrollably for 10 minutes after the shot goes in. This is the kid who can swallow pills at age 7 and enjoys having blood drawn. Evidently, he doesn't like his booty being messed with.

All has calmed down. Sorry, I had to vent. That's a lot of drama for a Tuesday.

I almost forgot: I found T hiding under the chair in the doctor's office because he was afraid of his brothers' shot. Under the chair, covering his eyes. Beautiful.

congrats Michael,

You can now go back on everyone's overnight babysitter list.

No hard feelings, but I've taken you off mine.

No one doubts that you are probably the best, most musically gifted gifted person alive today, but let me lend you some advice. Remember J.D. Salinger, Bobby Fischer, and Hunter S. Thompson? They, like you, are unsurpassed in their fields. They are gods among us. And they did us all the small favour of removing themselves quietly and without much ado from our society, knowing they just couldn't fit in anymore. They spared us their crazy antics, and left us to remember only their sheer brilliance.

Please follow their example and do the same.


Twenty something mom and her kids


I just read this. So, Pink Floyd is thinking about playing together again? What body part can I sacrifice to be in attendance? I have missed every chance given to me so far to see them. I bet I'll miss this one, too.

One the subject of the Line 8 concert, I didn't exactly have tickets to the original Live Aid, but I still ended up with pretty sweet seats. The story goes something like this:

1985. Me, age 10. We were all in the car on our way to the Vet (Veteran's Stadium, Phila, PA. 1971-2004) and stuck badly on the Schuykill Bridge. We were heading to the Vet for the annual District Convention (thousands of Jehovah's Witnesses all together for a weekend). In the same parking lot as the dear old Vet stood the even dearer, ever older JKF Stadium (death trap, 1925-1992). Interesting side note about JFK...the only Lollapalooza concert ever held in Philly was held in the big hole in the ground where JFK once stood. Anyway, we're sitting on the bridge, waiting, and all we can hear in Joan Jett. Now, my mother is a freakishly devout JW, but few things get to her like Joan Jett can. She had a whole angel on one shoulder-devil on the other situation going on. She caved to the good side and we shuffled off the church. Well, the Vet is a nice, open, airy stadium and if you climb up high enough, you can stand by the railing and look down into JFK. And that's exactly what we did. For the whole day. So much for church.

That day I fell in love with live rock.

It was the beginning of the end of my love affair with the big guy in the sky.

What a show. I hope this new one is as good.


100 (dirty little) things about me:

  1. Joe Vs. the Volcano is my all-time, favorite movie.
  2. Amazing Grace is still my favorite song.
  3. I really, really like roller skates.
  4. I love Douglas Adams.
  5. I can't stand anything in my nose.
  6. Or ears.
  7. I still bite my fingernails all the time.
  8. I love to smoke cigarettes. I quit, but I'm not happy about it.
  9. I wish I was Italian.
  10. I hate my mother.
  11. But I still think she's the most interesting person I've ever met.
  12. I wish I'd met MLK Jr.
  13. I hate pregnancy.
  14. I cannot merge into highway traffic wearing sunglasses or with the window up.
  15. I seem to be incapable of closing a drawer. So much so that I took the cabinet doors off in the kitchen because I got sick of hearing my husband bitch about them being left open all the time.
  16. I absolutely love the smells of gasoline and bleach.
  17. I also love the smell of a man who has spent an entire summer day under the hood of a car.
  18. Cuticles gross me out.
  19. I can write backwards perfectly and with as much ease as writing normally.
  20. When reading aloud, I have to read upside-down. Not so when reading silently.
  21. I constantly count everything. Especially my steps.
  22. I cannot forget phone numbers once I write them down.
  23. I will almost always write them down backwards, but read them back correctly.
  24. The older I get, the more I like pink.
  25. I am really, really good at copying people's handwriting. Disturbingly so.
  26. Ican't wait until my kids go to college.
  27. I have no idea what I'm going to do when my kids go to college.
  28. I wish I could still hop in the car and disappear for weeks on end.
  29. I have never left the USA.
  30. I won't leave to visit anywhere else until I've driven through every state iof the union.
  31. I secretly wish I lived in Texas.
  32. I hate being drunk.
  33. I can't stand pot, but I love a good contact high.
  34. I have never taken a drug in my life.
  35. If I could, I'd be a speed freak.
  36. Or a huffer.
  37. I used to be a "carver".
  38. I sometimes miss it.
  39. My brother and I made a pact as children to pick our noses and scabs as much as we could, because our parents had told us we couldn't.
  40. I am really, really good friends with all of my ex's.
  41. I still can't believe I got married to the guy I did. I was honestly just trying to sleep with him.
  42. I love going to the dentist.
  43. I have 10 siblings, and only talk to 2 of them.
  44. I don't miss the other 8.
  45. I really dislike my mother-in-law.
  46. That's not saying much...I really dislike my parents, too.
  47. I say really way to much.
  48. I write right handed, but do most everything else left handed.
  49. I keep trying to write left handed, too.
  50. I love Old Spice. I can't resist anyone who wears it.
  51. I don't like animals. The zoo bugs me, I don't like dogs or cats, and I kill every bug I can.

free day!

We hit the free day at the Museum of Science and Nature. Usually Grandma takes them because she wields the season passes and the boys only ever go into one room, anyway. Yet, I ventured out there today, with the rest of Denver proper in tow. Jeez, it was packed.

The boys decided to branch out today, skipping almost entirely the space room that they obsess about. We spent a lot of time in the Native American exhibit, and even more time in Gems and Minerals. B loves rocks, T does not. He was about ready to melt down when he found the amethyst. He fell in love. He bought a little one at the gift shop, 'cause it's so dang pretty.

Did I tell you my 5 yr. old says Dang all the time? Ahhh, little Joe Dirt.

So, a fun time was had by all.

Next Sunday it's the Botanic Gardens. Tee hee!