I have been thinking about overrated music. Hard to do without considering the underrated music as well. My list by band:
jane's addiction: over-jane says and been caught stealing. under-three days. lyrically stunning and arranged geniously.
janis ian: over-society's child. under-at seventeen.
soul asylum: over-everything you've ever heard. under-cartoon on hang time. pre sell out. nice.
elvis: over-everything he did sober. under-everything he did drunk. example? never been to spain live at madison square garden. dag yo!
joni mitchell: over-big yellow taxi. a fine song, but she's done better. under-raised on robbery. can't believe no one's snagged it for a movie soundtrack yet.
counting crows: over-pick any one of their top 40 hits. under-colorblind, but more so sullivan street.
rem: over-losing my religion. under-me in honey. stipes should be contratually obligated to sing with that chick from the B-52's once on every album.
sting: over-sacred love. under-sister moon. for that matter, the entire nothing like the sun album.
blues traveler: over-runaround. under-alone/sweet talkin' hippie.
10,000 maniacs: over-don't talk. under-verdi cries.
cake: tough one. over-going the distance. under-nugget.
dave matthews: over-ants marching. under-proudest monkey.
del amitri: over-roll with me. god, why did they write that? under: driving with the brakes on.
hootie & the blowfish: over-all of it. (except for) under-tootie. and they covered closing time. very, very well, i might add.
kermit the frog: over-rainbow connection. under- me first and the gimmie gimmies covering rainbow connection. brilliant.
simon and garfunkel: over-bridge over troubled water. under-the 7 o'clock news.
toad the wet sprocket: over-good intentions. under: i will not take these things for granted. or pray your gods.
tori amos: over: well, none of it, really. under-her cover tunes. have you heard her sing only women bleed? seriously. oh yeah, song for eric should have gotten a lot more atttention.
violent femmes: over-blister in the sun. please, god, make it stop. under-i held her in my arms. and out the window.
such great heights: you know, that song in the new m&m commercial? well, that band is iron and wine(over). and as much as i love that version, the postal service did the original, and has not gotten any recogntion for it(under).
pink floyd: i know that i will not be safe after saying this, but here goes nothing....over: dark side of the moon. now, don't get me wrong. i think it's one of the finest albums ever made. i'm simply saying that i think meddle is a better album, all & all. didn't you ever put the needle down on side 2, turn the lights off, and get lost in echoes? well, if you haven't, go buy a record player, the record (not cd), and a candle. prepare to be blown away.

generally underrated stuff:
weezer. why aren't they the biggest band out right now? why haven't they been for the last decade or so?
same thing with radiohead? which leads to...
underrated "mood" music: over-anything involving barry white. seriously, is that a joke? does he really "do it" for people? under-ok computer, radiohead. je. sus. try it, you'll see.
album everyone should own: rabbit songs, HEM. freakin' fabulous CD. my friend described it as hank williams meets tori amos. just trust me, go buy it.
justin timberlake: i hang my head in shame to say it, but it's true. i hate him for making such mtv driven crap music, but the kid's a genius when he thinks no one's looking. he's MJ without all the molestation.

drumroll, please!

I would like to officially welcome myself, and you along with me, to my last trimester. Finally!

Welcome to the world of swollen feet, Sciatica nerve problems, inability to breath, bad skin, strange hair growth, horrible leg cramps, heartburn, spider veins and water retention. You will hear me say things like, "oh, my aching hips/back/vagina". I will whine a lot. I will actually whine more than I will sleep.

I'm super excited.

I've been a bad, bad girl

If anyone knows what I've done, could you please tell me! The level of bad karma being flung my way is making me want to sit in a dark room for a few weeks.

First, my windshield gets ruined.
Then, my f'ing coffee pot breaks. Soooo not ok.
After that, my (brand new) lawn mower gets stolen out of my garage. The good news there is that the only way someone could have gotten into my garage is to have hopped the fence, walked through my back yard, and entered through the side door on the garage. That's comforting.
Next, the fridge breaks. We got to go 2 whole days with no milk or ice. Good thing it's been in the 90's. Who needs ice?
Then, after the 3rd trip to the shop, I come to realize that my back right brake will just never ever stop squeaking.
To top it all off, all but 2 of my houseplants died.
And this morning, I get in Josh's car (he's got mine playing golf) to go to the store to get milk because the new fridge is finally cold, and his god damn car won't start.

On a happier note, a very cute boy did send me a Jesus-loves-you-o-gram in my email this week. Clearly it was wrong, but the thought was, well, creepy.