silly family stuff

My brother decided to update his blog after more than a few months. He has some interesting pictures up....

Pink hair???

And then there's this gem. Let me preface by saying that he talks to our siblings, and I don't. I haven't seen these two since they were 11 and 13. I have only seen one picture of each of them in the past 14 years.

It's weird. They don't look at all like I expected. And what the hell is up with the moustache?


Tonight at 6:01pm I had my first contraction in 5 1/2 years. It wasn't one of the many Braxton Hicks contractions I have been enjoying for the last few months. This was the real deal. The break out in a cold sweat dry heave shake because I don't know what else to do try to yell for help except I'm in too much pain to speak stare at the clock because I know it will end in about 90 seconds contraction.

Wow. I forgot how much it hurts.

fortunately, this is my third kid and I know that I just got myself good and dehydrated today. I will not be freaking out and rushing to the hospital. I will sit here calmly and pray to every god I can think of that it doesn't happen again. At least for a month and a half.

The good news about this is that I no longer have any doubt that I will have some particularly nasty back labor. At least I have time to warm up to the idea.

didn't I l already pass the 2nd grade?

I just finished doing B's homework.

That's not entirely true. He took pictures which I then had to print out, and being past his bedtime it has fallen on me to cut them out and glue them to a collage, which he will then label in the morning.

The only reason that I don't feel like a complete idiot for doing this is that he and T spent an hour helping me deliver our neighborhood newsletter tonight. They busted their little butts, and so ran out of time to finish homework.

I think helping them out is the least I can do.

But still. I'm doing my kids homework already. School's only 1 week in. Yikes.