Here's where I was....

Here's where I am now...

Progress has been made.

go go gadget bummer

(I told you I was stealing it, Chris!)

I loved Don Adams when I was a kid. We watched every Get Smart. I wish my kids would know who he was, though there is a good chance they will. I play them strange things all the time. (I wonder if you can rent Get Smart?) Interestingly enough, I found out at that he did the voice of the school principal on a cartoon that the boys watch, so I guess they have already been exposed to him.

Remember when TV was this good?


My husband works from the afternoon until late in the night. He has officially deemed his cell-phone his at-work baby pager. I am only to call the cell if I go into labor. Anyone want to come over, call him, and see how quickly he pees his pants?

Meanwhile, as I wait, I will fill my time with silly photos.

got the pictures to work

Ahhh, fall. I love fall. It is, by far, my favorite season. And it makes me crazy homesick.

I grew up in a not so nice neighborhood surrounded by some of the most mind-numbing raw beauty I imagine I will witness in my lifetime. You know that movie Dead Poets Society? It was filmed 20 minutes from my house. Dang, it is gorgeous there.

I found these pictures online, all taken within 10 minutes of where I grew up.

The first two are from a neighborhood called Arden, which was just a few minutes west of where I lived. The last one is my favorite. It was taken at Bellevue State Park. We used to have church picnics there, and we'd go on field trips there for school. They had lovely "hiking" trails (you can't actually hike at sea level). It was my favorite place to go.

Pretty, ain't it?