Still no baby. It's fine, I am patient. (let's all repeat that together a few times)

I was going to post some pictures I found of my hometown, but since I can't seem to get any pictures to upload right now, I'll have to wait on that one. Oh well!

moving right along

So, yesterday was fun. I spent all day trying to not throw up, and managed to scrub all the floors before landing on the couch and staying there for the entire rest of the day. (can you say nesting?) About 8 o'clock the contractions started, just like I thought they would, and stayed at a steady 20 minutes apart for quite some time. When they bumped up to 15 minutes apart, J made me pack a bag. Of course, by this time I was quite cranky and annoyed with the whole damn thing, and so decided to go to bed. Which is what I did. And I slept great. I wish I could say the same for my poor husband.

Being my 3rd baby, I am pretty relaxed about this whole labor thing. I don't think dads relax. J stared at me for a while, having learned early on to not attempt any sort of communication when I'm having contractions. It always ends in tears. He paced around for a while, he rearranged the living and dining rooms, washed the dishes, did homework with the boys, and then stayed up until 2am watching West Wing just waiting for something to happen. Nothing happened. I'm betting he'll do it all over again today. There is fear behind his eyes. I'm kind of enjoying it.

Anyway, this morning I lost my plug. Again, seriously do not ask if you don't already know what that means. It's super gross, but a very good sign. So, we'll see...

holy random, batman

Just now, T came up to me and quite randomly asked, "Mom, is god a human?"

(ugh) "No he's not."

"What is he then?"

(uuuugh) "He's a deity." (wait a minute. you're talking to a 5 year old here)

"Honey, some people believe that god is the ruler of the universe. He's like a spirit. Some others believe he lives right here, in your heart, where your love is. You have to decide what you believe."

"I believe in both", he said.

He promptly turned around, did a cartwheel, and started singing Ryan and Samantha, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g...