Dear Elvis,

I just thought I'd drop a line to say happy birthday. I didn't forget; how could I forget? You are, after all, the king. I hope your day has been great...full of gravy and babes. You know, I never really got around to saying thanks, so thanks! Thanks for filling the void in my dear aunt Darlene's life. God knows what she would have seen fit to tattoo every square inch of her body with, had you not been around. And do you remember when you played Madison Square Garden, and were all drunk but still sang Never Been to Spain, forgot much of the middle of the song and slurred your way through what you could remember? Well, it kinda gave me the chills. Yep. it made stuff tingle. Thanks.

P.S. I was gonna pick up a birthday present for you, but since you've been a little *cough* dead & all, I spent the money on something for myself. I hope you don't mind!

good stuff

If you have kids, you should have Trout Fishing in America. My 7 year old, who spends most of his time listening to Green Day, Weezer, & Lil' Bow Wow (yep, someone actually goes by Lil' Bow Wow) will turn it all off for Trout Fishing in America, and happily dance and sing for a while. These guys are like They Might Be Giants for liitle kids. I listen to the cd's when I clean their room. They are great disks. I really like Mine. The website is here.


Since I still have very little of substance to say, I will continue, instead, to dazzle you with pictures of my man-eating child.

3 month old babies should not teeth. It's not natural (but it sure is cute).

happy new year

Last year. Wow. Big stuff, you know, with the whole having a baby and all. This does make the New Year's Resolutions fairly easy...lose the baby weight, start keep not smoking, walk a lot more, blah blah blah. I might try to buy a house this year. That would be nice.

Anyway, I hope you're not too hung over. Have a super great year.

(And yeah, my kid's giving you the bird in that last picture. The apple don't fall too far from the tree, does it?)