I would like to re-title the previous post "could someone find me a cross to nail myself to?"

Wow I get whiny when I'm tired.

glutton for the ol' punishment

9:05-9:45--meeting with principal of kids' school

9:50-2:00--chaperone kindergarten field trip to Butterfly Pavilion, with baby in tow

2:30-3:15--attend school awards assembly where one son won good citizen and one cried because he did not

3:30-I don't know when in the a.m.--serve drunk people who wish they were Irish green beer

I guess I'll sleep when I'm dead.

everyone's got a birthday

It seems many of the people I know have parents who bore easily in the June/July months.

Another birthday befalls us, today that of my dear MollyG, my oldest friend west of the Mississippi. I met Molly at our high school about a week after I moved to Denver. We traveled in the same group until I graduated, and as we all drifted apart it became abundantly clear that there was no drifting away from her. Through Ireland, through bumpy marriages, through kids and boyfriends and jobs and life we have grown closer. I loved her when we were sitting on a curb in Boulder laughing at stoners, I love her today when we wrangle children at birthday parties. I may only see her semi-annually, but we never loose whatever it is that makes us work. She makes me laugh and think and try. I admire her more than almost anyone I know, for her grace and wisdom and pride. She is a remarkable woman, and I am honored that she thinks I am worth even a moment of her time.

I say this all as I am standing her up for drinks on her 30th birthday. My oldest is sick, and I cannot justify leaving him with a sitter for cocktails. So please, pop on over to her blog or her other blog and leave a happy birthday comment. You only turn 30 once. But you turn 21 many, many times after that.

In closing, I would like to share with you what she wrote in my high school year book the year I graduated, the year she was a junior, far too many years ago:

I will miss you next year! Thank you for the free peep show all of
those years ago! Anyway-We need to get together this summer and get out
the records (What are they?) and listen to Janis Ian, Peter Gabriel, Alan
Parsons, Phil Collins (Mama!) fer sure. Someday we will. You are
truly a phyco frek! And also the one in a million set crew member
(that means you're the only one.) Bob Ross lives inside us

Much love, Molly

bugs ain't half bad
if I were dead
get re-acquainted w/ cheesecake

better late than never

Six years ago, I met a boy. He had red hair and big blue eyes. I was instantly in love. You know, they say stuff like that happens, and I've never been much of one to listen to what they say, but this time they were right. I still can't get over him. We looked at each other for a long time that day, our first meeting, and there were no words spoken, but we knew. We just knew. He was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.

Of course, he was covered in goo and had a placenta attached to him, but it wasn't his fault. He had just been through quite an ordeal, and was just too tuckered out to clean up.

My little T is 6. As I live and breathe, I cannot believe that my baby, my sweet butter love, is 6 years old. Of all of my children, his birth is the one I recall most vividly. Even more so than L, just 6 months ago. I remember every second of his grand entrance to our world.

He didn't cry when he was born. He laid on my chest and stared at me. When his daddy finally broke the silence, he craned his little tiny baby neck around in a way a baby shouldn't be able to and looked dead at his father. He was smart even then. And quite, and sweet, and easy, and lovely.

This is the child who 3 years later said, "Mommy, my penis is beautiful. Can I pee on you?"

It figures he was born on the day of relativity.

I love this kid. So bad. So bad it hurts. There is no more interesting person on the face of this earth. He made me a better person and a complete mother.

There will be more, and birthday pictures, but his little sister is crying. God forbid I even think about someone else for a minute or two!

'cause two eyes just ain't cuttin' it anymore

I am the only person in my immediate family who doesn't wear glasses.

Correction: I WAS the only person in my family who doesn't wear glasses. It turns out I'm pretty much blind in my left eye, I just never knew it. I have astigmatism super duper bad. Oddly enough, my right eye has perfect 20/20 vision. So my super sexy pointy bright red new glasses will be plastic only on the right. Funny. I can't wait to see what the left side of you all really looks like.