the greatest poem ever written

Perhaps I should qualify that statement a bit.


Introducing the greatest poem ever written
  • 14 years ago
  • by an 18 year old
  • in a high school yearbook
  • on a page with a great big EGG on it
  • for me
Without a clue...
a changing flux.
Old ones leave,
New ones come
Strange matters
in a vicarious life.
a long ride
a long twisty path.
dark green forests,
bright silver lightening.
worlds abound
Contradictions appear
and you arrive.

Just got my high school yearbook back. Ahhhhh. I would like to point out that I copied the punctuation and capitalization verbatim, so back off, grammar police.

(Personal aside: Oh, Josh [other Josh, guys], oh did I ever have a crush on you.)

how could I forget THIS?

Today, driving to school, stopped at the traffic light by Shotgun Willies:

B & T: blah blah blah science project blah blah DNA blah blah blah supernovas blah blah CRASH

Me: What the FUCK?

(We all look up to see a car spinning and a shower of glass cover everything)

B & T: Mom! Did you see that? That was a CAR ACCIDENT!

Me: Dude, that truck and that car both ran that light and oh my god, look at that!

(1 car + 1 pickup + 1 red light = 1 big fat mess)

B & T: Is anyone hurt, mom?

Me: I don't think so. (Passengers start peeling themselves out of what remains of their cars)

B & T: Oh, good. *long...long pause*

That was totally COOL!

the weekend in pictures

One dad + 3 kids + two birthdays = a whole lotta cute. We spent the boys' birthday party day at the movies with 6 of their closest friends

Some call it brave; I call it crazy. 8 boys smell. Bad.

This one's not mine, but holy shit is he ever cute

L enjoyed the popcorn

Afterwards, we went to dinner with some old friends

Where we all looked really cute and happy

And my little boys made some birthday wishes

Monday morning, the boys went off to school and dad and baby got some quality alone time in their matching purple-ish tops

And that's about it. Dad hopped on a plane, went straight to work and fired someone. Fired her and had her arrested. What a way to end your vacation. The kids have been great. I expected whiny, discontent children come Monday night and I got just the opposite. They are calm and quiet and, well, they have a ton of new stuff to play with, so they'd better be nice to me for a while.

Tomorrow, I'd like to share with you the greatest poem ever written, if I may.

all's well that ends well

Well, we did it. We had a lovely visit with dad and he's back home now and we are back to reality. There is really nothing to report. It was uneventful (unless, of course, you are a little boy who shares my last name and had/has a birthday in the past/next two weeks, then it would have been quite eventful for you, what with the Heely's and the new GameCube and the night of fantastic fun at Dave & Busters and the dinner at Morton's and such). I worked too much and slept too little and now I am sleepy and must make my way to bed. Tomorrow there will be pictures and stuff. Until then, nighty-night.