My, What Big Teeth You Have

This fabulous piece of art was taken in 1984. The girl, 2nd from the right on the top, is a childhood friend whom I haven't seen, seriously, since I think this very night in question. She found me through MySpace. Funny how that works.

It's funny how these are most of the white kids I grew up with, and I can only identify three of them out of the picture. She had to tell me who the rest were. I know who I am; I'm the kid with the bad haircut and the mouth I had to "grow into" (still waiting on that, btw). The girl next to me is Josie. I know this because Josie was the hottest of us, by far, and even at 9 I knew it. I bet she is still the hottest of her "us". I'm guessing she always be. I know Brooke because she was the youngest. And the rest? Even knowing their names, I still can't figure out who is who.

Anyway, I thought I'd share, for your viewing (and mocking) pleasure, me. Prepubescent me. Pictures like this are hard to come by in my world. Enjoy, and let the ridicule begin!

Is is really true?

I think that today just might be the birthday of one of my biggest blog crushes.

If it is: Happy birthday, David. I barely know you in real life, but it doesn't feel that way at all. You, my dear, are a good man, the kind of man the world is sadly lacking in. I love the way you write, I love your frightening obsession with Paula Abdul, I love your smile, I love the music you listen to and the devotion you hold for the causes that concern you. I love that I could call you anytime, for anything, if I needed it, even though we've only ever spent a few hours in the real world together, because you are my friend, for some inexplicable reason. I love that you make me see things from another point of view, and that even though our points of view often differ, you make it so easy to understand where you're coming from and why. I learn a little something from you, time to time. I love that, of all people, you read this silly little blog. I mean, it's not like you have kids, or periods, or anything that I go on and on endlessly about. You make me feel interesting. It's the yous out there that make me keep this blog going.

And, um, I love that you're a Leo. Meeee. Oooooow.

So, happy birthday, my friend. I hope you have ice cream.

If it's not: Cut and paste this for when it is.