Movin' on up

So, yeah, I broke up with Blogger. I haven't actually told Blogger this yet, so keep it on the down-low, K?

Andy at World Wide Rant cleaned out a closet for me, and Judith Shakespeare kindly let me hit her in the head with my stupid-stick for a month or so, and though the curtains aren't quite up yet, we do have toilet paper and beer, so come on over...

Whiskey in my Sippy Cup. Dot COM, baby! Take 4. I swear I'll stop moving.

If loving you is wrong...

...then I am so very, very wrong.

A typical Friday night at Chez Mr Lady:
  • Dinner
  • Movies
  • Harrass OHMommy on gmail chat
Last night?

That's right. I brushed my teeth and went out with girls. My neighbor had a birthday this weekend, and we spent the night drinking our dinner straight up schwanky-style.

In celebration of doing it like the humans do, my recipe this week is for Stay at Home Mommy Martinis, aka Shit-tons of Coffee Martinis. All you have to do is....
  • Combine 2 oz Vanilla vodka (use Stoli or something equally or more not-sucky)
  • 1 oz Kahlua
  • 3 tbsp brewed and chilled espresso (me likey the Starbucks)
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 3 espresso beans to garnish, if you're feeling fancy-pants
Shake the crap out of it. Use a martini shaker or, dare I say it, a sippy cup without the pluggy thing in it*, filled with ice. You want to shake it, like, 30 times so it gets a little frothy.

Pour it in a chilled martini glass and go drunk dial someone.

So, what did you drink cook for dinner this week?

*Dudes, they make the VERY BEST martini shakers. Try it; you'll see.