Well, that sucks.

So, yeah, I totally screwed up ye ol blog. Bear with me while I have a heart attack, get some electric shock therapy, and fix this.


Ok...Whew. I THINK I fixed it. I managed to loose a BUNCH of posts, but it's functional.  If you notice any silliness, let me know, mkay?


I'll be updating more later, but right now I just wanted to let y'all know that in about 9 hours, Auntie N and Dunkie's plane will be landing somewhere in Vietnam, and shortly thereafter they will be holding of one very very beautiful, one scrumdiddilyicious little baby girl.

I feel a little dirty

I have a confession to make.

I have been cheating on all of you. About a month ago, I met someone else. Her name is Kelby. We instantly fell in love. Kelby asked me out, and I accepted, and now, about once a week, I wash out my potty mouth and put on my Responsible Outfit and my hot shoes and I go hang out with her.

Last week, without you knowing it, I shared with you one of our exchanges. And you know what? None of you threw rocks at me, no one mentioned the fact that I went one whole post without dropping an F-Bomb. In light of that, I have decided to come clean.

I am blogging somewhere else. Somewhere called Type A Mom. Somewhere where I use my real (first) name and actually attempt, however pathetically, to offer advice. About pre-teens. Yes, that means No Springing the Poop on You. No pictures of my kid in black face. No baby talk at all.

Turns out, writing a mommy blog without talking about toddlers is hard.

PhotobucketI am trying anyway, and, well, um, no one is reading it. It's a fairly new site. We are on Alltop, though, and if you haven't checked out Alltop yet, you really should. It's Guy Kawasaki's new project, highlighting the best of the best of the blogs (and mine, pity link) and Guy has Excellent Taste in blogs. If you want it, it's there. Check it, yo.

Anyway, maybe you wouldn't mind popping in occasionally and telling me to shut the hell up or threaten to call Child Services on me or something? You can find me in the Pre-Teens section. I'll be waitin'....

Movin' on up

So, yeah, I broke up with Blogger. I haven't actually told Blogger this yet, so keep it on the down-low, K?

Andy at World Wide Rant cleaned out a closet for me, and Judith Shakespeare kindly let me hit her in the head with my stupid-stick for a month or so, and though the curtains aren't quite up yet, we do have toilet paper and beer, so come on over...

Whiskey in my Sippy Cup. Dot COM, baby! Take 4. I swear I'll stop moving.