For reasons way to inside-jokey to explain right now, I will be known from here on out in the blog world as Mr. Lady.

Thank you.

So tired it burns.

Got my ass kicked at work this weekend, and went to a raging birthday party. By raging, I mean bowling. It was totally fun.

Blogging will be light this week, as our DI competition is this weekend (did I tell you I'm coaching the pre-K thru K team?) and we have lots of practices to get ready. We are also seriously cramming for this years' installment of T(insert name of elementary school here)Palooza which is scheduled for the last week in April. More info and pressure to buy tickets to come later.

Right now, I need a nap. So bad.

i am an evil mother

Q: What feels worse than a week+ of the flu?

A: Giving it to your poor, defenseless 4 month old baby.

Yep, the kiddo has the flu. And, guess what? At 4 months, there is nothing at all we can do about it. No Tamiflu, no nothing. Just infants Tylenol and patience. She is absolutely pathetic. Her eyes are puffy and red, she has this gut-wrentching little cough, she only wants to sleep in my arms, she's burning up with fever, she has so many boogies in her nose that it's making her puke, she is beyond exhausted, and nobody is eating her feet because she's too bundled up. I bet she could get through the rest ok, but the kid needs her feet eaten at least once a day or life as she knows it will cease to be.

We do have to give her nebulizer treatments every 4 hours, and let me tell you how much she loves that. So much. It's her favorite.

Not really.

In fact, it makes her scream bloody fucking murder at the very tip-top of her lung capacity, which is great for getting the medicine deep into her lungs, but terrible for a) my achy-breaky heart that cannot handle hearing her whimper, let alone scream; b) my ears, who are still recovering from my own flu-spell and are really quite sensitive still; and c) my boobies, whose milk supply is all screwed up from little miss too sick to eat and tend to leak like Karl Rove with the name of a CIA agent every time she so much as chirps.

So, here I sit, waiting for the two boys to get it, and then the real fun begins. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

get your flu shot, if it's not already too late

Well, I’m hot blooded,
check it and see
I got a fever of a hundred and three

This sucks. I have had the flu since Wednesday. The worst part is that I had to miss the slobbering-drunk-with-strangers part of the RMBB. I did manage to sneak in for the first few hours, in between shots of my drink of choice for the night and I met some lovely people. Finally, I can put a face to Andy, David and Stephen (who are great baby holders and putter to sleepers), and met a few bloggers such as dorkafork, Karl, Bert, and to my surprise, Jiggity, whom I have know for too many years. It seems like the night will be fun. I am sad to be missing it.

Anywho...It's off to beddy-bye for me. Before 9pm. Dang, I'm getting old.

passing the torch

(backround--tv set turned onto the womens' olympic hockey game, father and son perched on couch, mother somewhere off in a back room, listening...)

B: Dad, who are you rooting for?

Dad: Between Russia and Sweden? Sweden, of course.

B: Why, Dad?

Dad: Because the Swedish chicks are sure to be way hotter than the Russians. Duh.