never re-read your blog after you've typed it

I just want to say, for the record, that I have a fantastic grasp of spelling words in English. I do not, however, have as firm a grasp on typing one-handed, which I what I have been doing for 4 months straight. Please don't judge me for my typos!

a few little things

T learned how to tie his shoes today. It took him all of 15 minutes. Not bad for 5. And he is fully reading. Random words like violet that he would have no reason to have memorized. The boy is a brilliant fucking genius, I'm telling you.

I have had the distinct impression that my pediatricians office has been over billing me. I have had no real proof, but things just haven't been adding up for me. Well, I have been watching my insurance claims like a hawk this year, and Low and Behold, today I see a $60 charge for an office visit. We did not go to the office on the date of alleged service. I call the pediatrician to find out what the charge was for, and I discover that they've billed the insurance $60 for a phone call to the office. And yes, I did call on the day in question. My 3 month daughter had a 102 degree fever for 2 days, and so I called and left the appropriate message on the machine designated by the automated answering system they have in place (god forbid a person answers a doctor's phone). I left 2 numbers where I could be reached, and at what specific time I could be reached at either number. The funny thing is, they NEVER called me back. And I got billed $60.

Speaking of 3 month old daughters...Guess who's sleeping though the night? In her crib. In her very own bedroom.

I am so happy I could spit. About the sleeping. And the shoe-tieing. Not the craptastic overbilling.


I have lived inDenver for 14 years. My children are Colorado natives (something taken freakishly seriously here.) So, of course we're rooting for the Broncos today. The problem is, I loves me some Steelers. I really would like to see them go to the Bowl. And so I will sit in front of the tube today, screaming Go Broncos like the boys want me to, but in my secret heart of hearts, you know I'll be waving my Terrible Towel.