This is it...the cable modem and boxes all go back to Comcast today. We are officially offline until we move. What will my poor absued children do with out Cartoon Network? I wonder if they will survive.

(Hey Andy and's been really nice. I will miss you both for sure. Next time I am in town, we are having a bash.)

greatest blog in the world...tribute

lThis is not the greatest blog in the world, no, this is just a tribute....
(Sorry, I just saw that Jack Black's wife had a baby, and he was stuck in my head)

I think the blog is officially on hiatus. I have lots of yummy, fat baby pictures to share with you but I left my USB plug-in in Canada, so you will have to wait. And all this saying goodbye to people I love is wiping me out. I am running low on the wit. So, I will call it quits for a few weeks, but I will leave you with some lovely links to what are actually the greatest blogs in the world to read while I am away. See, that's where the tribute part comes in. Clever, eh?

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And a bit of

and it is suddenly very, very real

I just got home from saying goodbye to one of the best friends I'll ever have and her family, whom I love desperately, (everyone say what up, yo? to Peggy the lurker!) and checked my email for the day. Right there, in my inbox, was our itinerary for our move to Canada. Four one way flights.

Excuse me while I go throw up.

two things


If you happen to hold the misguided notion that there is one true or superior skin color/country/god/cooking style/sexual position/ring to rule them all, then I would strongly urge you to never, ever visit me in Vancouver. At any given second there are too many languages being spoken around you to possibly ever try counting. If you walked one city block you might pass shop signage in, oh, 6 or so different languages. One block I walked down contained the following shops:
  • Something in Japanese with a picture of sushi, so I'm guessing sushi
  • A Blockbuster video
  • A hip little fusion restaurant
  • A tattoo parlour
  • A cheque cashing place. (They spell it cheque. I think it's nice.)
  • A Subway sandwich shop
  • Pizza Hut
  • A Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses

And let's not forget the Starbucks. Every corner has one and they are jam packed all the time. ALL the time.

We are sooo not in Kansas anymore.


At quarter to twelve, after a really f'ing long day, Ms. Fussy McGrumpypants had yet to fall asleep and so I decided to tell her a bedtime story while she screamed the hellish cries of the banshee. I chose Three Little Bears. I thought a cute little blond girl story might do us both a little good. Except that I have no idea how that story ends. I didn't realize this until I got to the end, so I improvised and made up my own ending...

So, Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear searched the house for the person who had eaten their porridge and slept in their beds. At long last they found her, crouched under the table. Papa bear pulled her out, they tore her to shreds and ate her for dinner. The End.

I'm not so nice when I'm sleepy.

B and T both have classmates that are brother and sister to each other. T has another classmate who is cousin to these kids. You may have heard of them, they were all on the local Denver news recently.

I am trying really hard to not be a crazy judgmental bitch about this, but I am finding it hard since have known 6 of these kids and for several years now and I kinda love them a little. The boy has been in class with B since kindergarten and is just sweet as sugar. Two of the girls are in T's class and I just had a rather emotional goodbye with the mother of one before school ended. We have been friends for a while and our kids are pals. So, when someone piles all 8 of them in a car and then crashes that car, I get a little touchy.

I am angry because this happens all the freaking time. One of the moms drops all the kids of at school in the morning (5 attended our school) and another mom picks them up at the end of the day. The mom I am friends with walks, but the sisters all drive. None of the kids are ever, ever buckled up. It just seems like this was bound to happen, and now it has, and a baby has died. It is devastating.

I am angry because I feel ashamed. I cannot tell you how many times I have let the boys pile in the car with a friend or two to drive the few blocks to the video store or grocery up the street. I also could not begin to count how many times I have let one of the boys sit up front, knowing fully that it is unsafe. This could have easily been me, and I feel disgusted with myself now that is thrust in my face.

Tomorrow, we will buy balloons and cards and go see our friends in the hospital. I guarantee you my kids will be in their carseats.