too tired to type....

We had way to much fun yesterday. We got to spend the day with the people we should be related to. It was nice.

Today, B and I spent, I kid you not, 7 hours straight on the couch. Why you may ask? There was an Indiana Jones marathon on TV. How could we resist? He'd never seen them. Now he has, and he loves them. He even liked the Temple of Doom.

Now we're gearing up for our week on the road next week.

More on that later. I gotsta go to bed. 7 hours on the couch will knock you out.

to all the dads I've loved before....

Dad...thanks for banging my mom. I know it was almost as painful for you as the thought of it is for me, but you hung in there. What a trooper. Thanks.

My babies' daddy...I love you. But seriously, stop knocking me up, already. I'd like to find my waistline sometime this decade.

Little Eddie ('cause you love that soooo much)...way to kick ass at parenting. You are amazing. Of all the people to get it right...

I can't believe I feel the need to say this, but....

I am going to say this once and be done with it.

If I ever become unable to speak for myself....
if my parents ever, ever try to circumvent my husband's wishes as to what medical treatment I do or do not receive, or what type of funeral arrangement he deems necessary, or for that matter any part of my long-term or end-of-life care, please shoot/poison/seriously maim them. I got married for a reason.

Thank you.

all the pool. none of the burn.

We went to a new pool today. I tend to stay away from public pools during the summer. I'm not a germ freak, I have just come home too many times to find that the boys have caught something nasty. Anyway, we headed on down to this one, and I gotta say, I really liked it.

Reason one: It's indoors. No sunburn. Being of Scotch/Irish/Ukrainian descent, I have no pigment in my skin and tend to burn a little more easily than others.

Reason two: It wasn't crowded at all. I assume everyone was at an outdoor poll, being lovely weather & all. We had about 15 other kids to work around.

Reason three: It's small. The lifeguards could see everything. I appreciate that.

Reason four: There are two pools. One is the standard up-to-10-feet-or-so pool. The other is a kiddy pool. My boys, being 5 & 7, won;t go within 100 ft. Of a baby pool. But click the link above and check out the picture. That's the baby pool. It has a section that goes to 2 ft., and that has this whole automated waterworks thingy. It kinda looks like the game Mousetrap, but it really works. Uber cool. The back half has a monstrous waterslide. The great part is the whole thing doesn't do more than 3' 6" deep. And the pool at the bottom of the slide is so small that I could just sit on the edge and jump in if needed. I was never more than one step away from the kids, not that they ever needed me. Little, little kids could do this alone.

I have a flesh eating bacteria!

Ok, I don't, really. But had you caught me yesterday afternoon, you would have found one very convinced pregnant chick with a sore foot. My cousin actually caught the nasty little germs a few years back, and can now tell you that a Coors Light at his bar is $2.50 just by holding up his hand. Needless to say, I've been a bit paranoid ever since.

In my determination to not completely resemble Jabba the Hut during this pregnancy, I've been walking the kiddies a lot. My flip flops gave me a nice blister between my first and second toes during one of our longer walks the other day, and I didn't notice it until it was too late. The next morning, my foot had swelled up to an astonishing size, and supplemented itself with a rather unusual level of pain. As if I'm not wobbling enough already.

The swelling has gone done, and so has my hysteria. It still really hurts, though. If anyone is good at foot rubs, I sure could use one right now.