still coming down from all the sugar

My kids woke up yesterday a bit earlier than I. Here's what I found in the living room.

Yes, those are Skittles my 1 year old was having for breakfast. Evidently the Easter Bunny left some rocking baskets out for my youngins,

And you know, if mom isn't there to say no, she may as well have said yes.

We had dinner with the fam, and if only we had some pink fishnets and a little bow-tie, we would have had quite a show.

L found a new reason to be completely in love with her wonderful godfather,

And T discovered the joys of headwear.

This is the last place I saw my cute red heels

And this is the last place I saw my glasses, which is a bit more concerning.

L learned that she really loves Easter

But really really loves spitting out the almonds inside the M&M's.

I'm a little preoccupied

I am very sorry. I can't talk to you for a little while. You see, I'm going to be a little busy, what with my new boyfriend and all.....

That, my friends, is the best birthday present. Ever.

Maybe I can upload that Genesis video. That would be, like, heaven.


Happy Easter! Today, nearly two thousand years after one man had been nailed to a tree for saying how great it would be to be nice to people for a change, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The anniversary of, which, if you actually look at a calendar, happened on Monday. Which happened to a man who may or may not have existed. Which happened in order to save man from his sins, and yet we just keep right on with the sinning. In new and sometimes creative forms. Like Girl Scout cookies. Betcha Jesus never saw those little boxes of evil coming.

Every single one of the seven deadly sins is personified in any random box of Girl Scout cookies, with the possible exemption of those gross new low-fat ones. Think about it:

  • Pride: You bought 7 boxes.? Oh yeah, I bought 2 cases! Top that!

  • Greed: Self explanatory. Do you share yours? That's right, no one does.

  • Gluttony: I can eat a whole box in under 5 minutes. Easy.

  • Sloth: I will do all of nothing but sit on the couch until every box is empty.

  • Lust: How many times have I caught myself gazing at them, praying for dessert time?

  • Envy: About a week after I run about, but my neighbor hasn't, this one kicks in.

  • Wrath: About 5 minutes after I run out, this one shows it's ugly head. I should've ordered more. See Greed.

Anyway, Jesus, nails, resurrection, sins, bunnies, eggs, new dresses.....

This holiday makes no sense to me at all. But, I do like chocolate and kids in pastels, so I'll role with it. And so I wish you a happy pagan sex holiday (you know the Christians loved slapping their biggest holiday of the year on top of that doosie!) and I will wow you with cutesy pictures later.

apparently, it's pimp your friends day

While I'm at it, I may as well mention that my friend, old neighbor, and fellow wickedly cool PTA dad Mark Stevens wrote a little novel a bit back, and it's getting some attention:

Final word: The Colorado crime scene has gained a strong new voice, as well as a new character to watch in Allison Coil.

This bit from a few weeks back was nice, also:

It's been nearly 24 years - and four manuscripts - since Mark Stevens worked for the Rocky. The former crack reporter and genuinely nice guy also spent time as a field producer for The McNeil/Lehrer NewsHour and 11 years as communications director for Denver Public Schools - all while writing novels in his free time and chasing down publishers.

Finally, his hard work has paid off with his debut, Antler Dust (Paandaa Entertainment, $24.95), a mystery set in the Colorado Flat Tops Wilderness. Bestselling suspense-master Stephen White lauds the book as "a wonderful, compelling debut - you won't find a fresher, more satisfying voice." And if you like this one, there's three more novels stashed in a drawer somewhere in Stevens' home, waiting to find audiences of their own.

My friend Nicole, jewelry designer extraordinaire, is having a little trunk show this weekend at her house. Seriously, I kid you not, she makes, like, the coolest f%$#ing jewelery in the history of jewelry making. Every single piece of jewelry you will ever see me wear was made by her. I know that only helps the 3 of you who actually ever see me, but go with me on this one.

What, you want examples? Of course! I am happy to oblige.

She makes fancy stuff, everyday stuff, baby stuff....all kinds of stuff. She's good. Frighteningly good. I'll happily send you the email for her show this weekend if you'd like.