After a good long fight with the lovely husband last night, and an even longer night with the baby (though not nearly as long as hers was), I was a bit tired this morning and slept in. Since I was the winner of last nights' spat, J was still seeking atonement and more than happy to get up with the kiddies.

Allow me to mention here that he never gets up with them.

Here's what I woke up to:

  • A bowl of cereal that was not consumed (and I am assuming that there is a kindergarten teacher with a very pissy 5 year old right about now)

  • Two lunch boxes on the kitchen counter, meaning that 2 boys are having gross school lunch, even though the fridge and pantry are literal jam-packed with convenience sized, healthy, tasty sack lunch options, organized so freakin' efficiently (OCD all the way, baby!) that the kids could have packed their own lunches

  • A missing hamster

  • A heating vent unscrewed and propped open, with a baited trap comprised of a food dish, a screwdriver and a Unicorns and Other Magical Creatures library book set inside it for said hamster who has been running through the heating ducts under the floors of the living room all day

  • B's math homework, which would be doing him a lot more good in his math class today

  • A wheel to a rack thingy that T lifted from the classroom yesterday (the boy has some light fingers) that I was hoping to sneak back in before the teacher noticed it was missing

  • And, amazingly enough, a fresh, hot pot of coffee, a smiling, diapered baby and a husband who was quite proud that he handled it all without me.

i can't believe they fucking won it

Through tears of joy (yes, I was actually driven to tears) I am happy to tell you that the Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash is scheduled for February 18th at 6 p.m. at the Breckenridge Brewery downtown. I hope the keyboard doesn't short out from all the crying. I cannot tell you how happy I am that Lily's first Superbowl just happened to be the one where the Steelers made my dreams come true.

Anyway, David would love it if you RSVP'd.

Go Steelers! Tee Hee!

i'm not here, this isn't happening

I am WAY too hot to be the president of the PTA.

Apparently, I am the only person who thinks this, for I have been nominated to be the next president. So far, I am the only nominee.

On that note...the countdown has begun. In 47 short days, I will be "in my 30's". 31. 3. 1. Yikes. I may be too hot for the PTA, but I certainly am old enough. I guess that also means Molla turns 30 in 39 days. We'll be needin' some whiskey, I imagine.