pop quiz!

  • Don't you think that Marigold is a lovely name for a little Chinese baby girl being adopted by a couple Americans? Don't you think it might just be the perfect name? They could call her Go-Go for short. All in favor, say aye.
  • Elliot, schmelliot. Katharine, schmatharine. Taylor, YOU are so beautiful. I think we really will have to have us some babies.
  • Speaking of babies, how is it that after 8 long, arduous years of motherhood I can still be driven to big fat tears by the sight of my baby falling asleep in my arms? Shouldn't I be numb to that by now?
  • Am I the only person in the galaxy that does not have a MySpace page?

the all-powerful internet

This Craigslist is a funny thing. I don't do much any shopping online (excepting that goddamn eBay) , and I have certainly never attempted to sell one thing over the internet, but today I listed a car on Craigslist. I priced it really, really low because I honestly just want to sell the damn thing. I figured I could list it and maybe, just maybe, by the time I move 5 weeks from now I might have a bite on it. Well, 15 minutes after I ran the add, I had 7 emails about it. An hour later, I won't even tell you how many people have responded. I should have asked for more money for it. I have someone coming to look tonight with cash in hand and another one tomorrow, if it doesn't sell.

And does it mean that I am a great big intellectual snobby bitch that I haven't responded to any of the inquires that contain gross grammatical errors or lazy text-type like "u" for "you"? Because I don't care if it does. It's my car and it likes to be driven by smart people. Period.

Update: I always go back after I write a post and click all the links, just to be sure that they all go to the right places. Let's all thank Jebus that I do that, because www dot craigslist dot COM does not go to craigslist. dot ORG does, but dot COM goes somewhere much, much naughtier. Somewhere that made me blush a bit.