Spring vacation is over. Everyone is back to school. We had a great vacation, and I learned a little bit about my kids.
Monday was soccer. After practice we found out the first game is on the 9th. On the walk home we talked about playing a game, and I asked B how he would feel if he won. He, of course, would feel great. I asked how he would feel if he lost. He said he wouldn't be sad, because he's just there to have fun, and he would no matter if he won or lost. Nice!
Tuesday was the skate park. Denver has a really nice one, right downtown. During the week it's all 16-20 year-olds, and they are always very considerate of the little kids. B got complimented on his "sweet skills", as he calls it. T took his rollerblades this time, and had a blast. I think he's overcome his fear of ramps.
Wednesday was the Denver Botanic Gardens. We live within walking distance, which is great! I thought they would be bored to tears, but I was wrong. They stayed through 2 hours in the rainy, chilly weather. T liked the dry climate plants, like the "prickly, pointy cactus", and B fell in love with the Asian garden. When we came home, he drew a design for an Asian-themed back yard. I'll keep that one for a long time, it's a great drawing. (I should mention that the boy has had a sketchbook for blueprints for years now. He loves to design.)
Thursday and Friday were bad sinus days for us, we just laid low.
Saturday was Grandma's for the kiddies, they had church on Sunday, and back to school today. Not a bad week.