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He isn't serving detention

I'd emailed the principal before 6 that night, and heard nothing back all the next day until my son came home from school and told me he'd been pulled into an office where they asked for a letter from me, and when he didn't produce one, they told him that he'd be in detention on Thursday. 

So. They're talking to me through my kid. So.

At that point, I broke down and called the principal, who was in a meeting, as was every single 6th grade authority figure...but gosh, they'd be happy to leave a note that I called

The next day, I sent them the letter they'd asked my son for, oh yes I did. (I may have gone a little overboard with it.) (Bygones.) (It's after the jump.) Four hours into the school day, my phone rang. It was the principal, who cleared up a few things for me, most importantly that if he really had been legitimately late, he wouldn't have to serve detention. And he was legitimately late, so he doesn't have to serve it. 

And now I need a nap. 



To whom it may concern,

I am writing regarding the detention referral my son, 2of3, was given on 9 Jan 2011. I attempted to speak to someone from the school in person on 10 Jan 2011, and was told no one was available. 2of3 was sent home by the AP on duty while I awaited a phone call, which I was told would come within “an hour” at noon, but didn’t come until almost 6pm.

During that phone call, Mr Jerk disregarded my concerns about the severity of the punishment my son incurred for being two minutes late to class, having gone to the wrong class eager to take an exam. He informed me that I had no recourse in this matter and than my son “needed to follow through with the consequences of his actions.” Which were, mind you, being excited to take a test.

I informed him that I would think on the matter and send a letter in with my son the next day. Instead, I emailed the principal before 6pm on the night of the 10th, requesting a meeting.

My email was not returned, and when my son came home on the night of the 11th, he informed me that he had been called to the AP’s office to request a letter from me and confirm his D-Hall assignment on the 12th.

At that point, I phoned the school and spoke to the principal’s secretary, who offered to “leave a note” for someone to get back to me. I have yet to hear anything.

It is perfectly clear to me that this issue will not be addressed by the school administration, and as I have taken all the reasonable steps to attempt to rectify this, I am informing you that 2of3 will NOT be attending D-Hall for this “infraction” (after school or at lunch) and that any further communication you wish to have about it will go through me alone, not him. I gave fair opportunity to resolve this, and was actually willing to consider having him serve the detention if necessary until I was talked down to, then dodged, then ignored.

He is an 11 year old child who was trying to do better as school. I am fairly shocked at the lack of common decency and respect shown by the administration to a student, or to me as a parent. Until this point, I have had nothing but the utmost in positive experiences with the school with both of my children, and so am writing this entire matter off as a fluke. However, if this situation continues to be an issue, I will not hesitate to take it up with the school district.

Please make sure my son is removed from the D-Hall roster today and is on the bus home.
Kisses and Hugs, 
Mr Lady