Ifin's you live in Denver, ifin's you love a good yard sale, you for sure want to check this one out. See, now that I don't live there anymore, I can tell you the name of my kids old school! (it's liberating, but still feels wrong) It's that one and every year we they have a huge weekend-long yard sale that people all over the neighborhood donate stuff to. I gave a dining room set, a desk, an armchair and a bunch of toys. We they raised like $8,000 last year, which is good because we they had committed to give the school $40,000 to help pay for the para-professional, as well as some of the P.E. and music teachers' salaries.

Anyway, a bunch of you live in Denver, so go check it out. It's August 18-19, from 8-4, but people camp out to watch the stuff, so sales really go on all night long. There's always great stuff there. Go get some of it. And say hi for me.