my internet is back up, and i am again useless. i really, truly enjoy those times when i have no internet or i loose my cell phone. i'm just old enough to not care too much about either. it's great that i can talk to people around the world through this thing, but honestly i haven't spent enough time talking to the guy across the hall from me. the people around the world can wait.
i am officially showing. not maternity clothes showing, more like rubber bands in the jeans showing. i haven't decided yet if i am annoyed or relieved. yes, the novelty has kind of worn off after 2 kids, but it still doesn't quite seems real until you can see it. my husband's cousin and his girlfriend are expecting 6 weeks after me (we just found out this morning) and that is exciting. i do enjoy not being the only pregnant chick at family functions.
t's 5th birthday is next monday. he finally gets to go to chuck e. cheese's for his party (factually, they're both having parties there. twice in 30 days, yippee!). it's all he talks about. his grandma has lived 63 years, raised 3 kids alone, and never once set foot in a chuck e. cheese. she's a bit less excited. strange that my baby will be 5. for those without kids, you will never understand how fast it truly goes. it's not just a cliche.
ok, i have rambled enough and still have nothing of substance to say. i think i'll stop now.