Housekeeping I'll Actually Do

Because after two weeks, I feel pretty confident that these are just never getting folded and put away.
Yep, all clean.
And my husband would like to note that this has been three weeks in the making.
Starbucks doesn't offer THAT.
In all fairness, he put it there, and there is behind "his" toilet, so I'm not taking the fall for it.  Period.

Anyway, two things:

1) The Partial Feeds.  Here's the thing...people's blogs get scraped all the time, I get that, and for the most part I can roll with it.  Mine isn't so fucking earth-shattering that I can't stomach some stupid pregnancy website that no one reads anyway lifting my content every single goddamn day, but when websites that make mention of boys in ways that Michael Jackson would even be all, "Whoa, dude", the claws come out.  And then, when I get so hyper-sensitive that I send an email to the people at FavorIt or whatever that site is called tearing them an new internet asshole for doing nothing more than Google Reader does, I figure it's time for me to stop the madness.  Hence the partial feeds. I am really sorry; I know they suck.

2) Comments.  The always lovely Judith Shakespeare is currently working on a shiny new template for me and while I wait, I've been thinking about other things that need to give.  I'm a fan of emailing replies to comments so that no one knows when I totally suck ass and don't reply I can leave personal, and possibly risque, responses.  However, after a long talk with my pretend internet boyfriend who espoused the merits of replying in the comments and talked about community building and conversations which is really funny coming from a guy who eats ice cream with Hitler, I thought that maybe I was wrong.

So, you pick.  Do I keep emailing replies or do they go in comment threads?  Reader's choice, yo.

Oops, I Did It Again

Once upon a time, a beautiful maiden named Judith Shakespeare designed a template for Mr Lady.  She worked tirelessly, and came up with something really rad.  Mr Lady loved it.

Except that Mr Lady was being to f'ing picky about the whole thing.  She emailed our fair maiden 1,362,845 times asking her to tweek this and change that and Judith's head, she imagines, most likely imploded.

Mr Lady got to feeling a bit guilty about harrassing Judith, so she just decided to try and fix the remaining little things herself.  Guess how that went over?  Yeah, she f'ed that template up so bad there was no hope of ever recovering it.  And she was WAY too afraid to tell Judith, so she did the only thing she knew she could do flawlessly; she hid the evidence.

She changed the template to something easy and manageable and just left it at that.  Except she was really missing her awesome header, even if it was the size of Texas.  It was cool, it was unique, it was made with a little slice of love.

She set out to try and bring it back.  She spent night after night, up until unholy hours, testing themes, tweeking HTMLs, trying to find a way to have her cake and eat it, too.

And then she killed her blog.

She called in the troops, and the troops got her back on track, and then she took a step back.  She thought long and hard about what she really wanted, and then she came up with this.

She's not quite done with it yet.  There's a color palette to change, there are widgets to adjust, but she is pretty sure this the best she can do after her reign of terror on the old template, and she hope y'all are okay with it.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

So, let's say that someone we know has a blog. She has recently broke up with her old blogging platform for a new one. A complicated one. One that has made her cry a few times. But an awesome one, none-the-less.

She quietly, secretly has been cheating on new her platform with another one, an easy one, one that gives her just about every option she has now, but she doesn't have to turn herself gray trying to work with a Plugin or an FTP file. She has actually paid rent at the new platform's place for a month or so, and would really like to just bring her toothbrush and tampons over and settle down already.

She loves the new platform. She's totally girled it up; hung some pictures, rearranged the furniture, you know, stuff? She wants to move in with it and make little babies. NOW. There's just one little catch:

The old platform refused to share anything that it's got of hers. Something about Possession Being 9/10th's of the Law or something. If she goes, she can't just have the movers come in and haul all 946 posts over. She'll have to carry each and every one over by herself, and she'll probably drop a bunch of the comments in the gutter along the way.

Also, she may or may not be able to forward her address.

Also also, in a desperate attempt to trick the old platform into giving her the damn archives already, she just about demolished her blog and then had to upgrade her Wordpress Platform in order to almost, kind of save it. And you know what? Upgraded Wordpress is awfully cool. Damn that evil old platform for reeling her back in a little.

What should she do? Should she follow her heart to the new platform (Squarespace, for those of you wondering) or tough it out with the old platform (Wordpress, already covered that)? Are 3 1/2 years worth of archives really THAT important?

Do vote. It helps when people tell me what to do.

Oh, in case you were wondering, it'll look a little something like this:

The New?

In answer to your questions, it is SO not black on white.  I hate that, too.  Also, WP will import from any platform but will only EXPORT to WP.  I have tried every plugin known to man to fix this, and not only didn't it work, but it ate a bunch of my post to punish me for trying.  Grrrr.