Do you want to play a game?

Tonight I made shrimp wrapped in bacon for dinner. Actually, I made basmati rice for dinner, because I'm honestly too nauseous still to even think about eating anything else, but then I got to thinking that basmati rice doesn't actually constitute a whole meal and that I'd better have something with it and, oooooh, I forgot to tell you about my boyfriend....

We had to call it quits when I moved back to Denver last summer, and let me tell you buster, I ached for him. He spun me around something crazy. He used to just sit there on the kitchen counter and look at me with that look, that "you know you want to....go ahead. Use me" look.

Meee. Oooow.

Well, we have rekindled our old flame and things are as spicy as ever. Perhaps a bit more. Absence, you know, it makes the heart fonder.

Wanna see him? I don't actually have a picture but I hear he's been done some print work lately. Hold on, I'll google him....

Here's a link. Yummy, eh?

Anyway, back to dinner. Basmati rice, not a dinner, something with it, annnnnd then I looked over at MC (we'll call him MC) and he seemed to want in on the action, so I tossed him a lemon, 3/4 of a stick of cream cheese, some garlic, a little Worcester sauce and some Cajun seasoning. And he whipped up a dip that would stop you in your tracks. And so, naturally, of course, it goes without saying, we absolutely had to have shrimp wrapped in bacon with it.

This, of course, means that I had shrimp and my kids had leftovers. They wouldn't even think about touching it.

I tell you this so that I can tell you this: You know how I'm always yammering on about what a good cook I am and how my sweet, angelic children will eat anything I give them? Well, you have no way of knowing if I'm totally full of shit or not, do yah? For all you know, I could be putting Lean Cuisine's on china. And so I decided that maybe I should back this up with something; I thought it might be fun, one day a week, to post the recipe (or at least the gist) of something I've made for dinner during the week and then maybe we could play a little "Did they eat it" game. We could call it "Rate the Hate".

Whatdya think?