Tom DeLay is still a jerk.
ARGH, I hate politics. Why can't the Democrats fight any battle, even the ones handed to them. The Republicans got Clinton IMPEACHED for a blow job, and we can't seem to call anyone on their crap. The President lies, his top people lie, Tom DeLay lies and employs liars, and we let it slide. No wonder we lost the damn election. We're a bunch of push-overs.
Here's Tom's latest:
DeLay's spokesman, Dan Allen, told AP that the congressman "looks forward to the opportunity of sitting down with the ethics committee chairman and ranking member to get the facts out and to dispel the fiction and innuendo that's being launched at him by House Democrats and their liberal allies."
Responding specifically to Shays' remarks later, Allen added that DeLay's "effective leadership has helped to build and maintain the Republican majority in the House and that's exactly why liberal groups funded by George Soros have set their sights on him."
Ok. He did pay his family from campaign funds. His Buddy, Martinez (who, by the way, keeps getting into trouble and keeps blaming his staff) did have a part to play in that nasty Talking Points memo that everyone was so quick to blame on Democrats. Let's blame the House Democrats. Let's blame the staff. When will he accept his own blame?