We almost moved this week. Correction, we almost started the process of moving this week.
My husband came very, very close to getting a promotion that meant a move to Oregon. We would have moved to the same town he grew up in. We are pretty sad, we were half way there in our heads. I find it interesting that after 13 years in Colorado, I was only concerned with saying goodbye to 2 people. I don't typically get attached to people, but only 2? I think I need to make some friends.
I talked to my kids about moving, and explained to them that it meant going really far away. I thought their first issue would be Grandma, who lives 1 1/2 blocks away and who they see at least twice a week. They were surprisingly ok with the idea of moving away from her. They said they would write her, email her, or call her. They were a little more upset about the thought of a new school. They really like the one they're at. They have lots of friends. Yet that didn't even phase them as much as I thought it would. Kids really are adaptable creatures, aren't they?