My kids went to a sleep-over last night. Two of B's classmates had joint birthday parties yesterday, from noon 'til 9, and T spent the day with his buddy Ryan. The girls from the parties had a sleepover at Quinn's house, and the boys all slept over at Alexander's. Alexander's little sister, Hannah, is one of T's best friends, so he got to join in the sleepover. It was weird to have no kids for 24 hours straight.

Alexander and Hannah are here now, playing Gamecube.

I love that my kids have a "circle of friends". I never was allowed to hang out with kids from school, being a JW, and it is interesting for me to watch my kids interact normally with other kids. It's a world I never knew as a child. The older my kids get, the more I realize what I missed out on.

On that note, my husband made me get a land line installed during the move so my kids' friends could call. Spoiled. Rotten.

Today we finally had some sunshine. The boys busted out the slip-n-slide. That's another thing I never had as a kid (no, there's no wacky religious reason, my parents were just chumps). I ALWAYS wanted one. I watched the boys shred their knees and freeze to death this morning on it, and was jealous. It looked like fun. I would've tried it out, but I doubt Lily would much appreciate it.

Having no kids for the whole night, I got to unpack. We are now official out of every box we can be out of. My living room looks like one. It's a nice feeling. The funny thing is, we more or less doubled our usable space, and the new pad seems comfortably full. How the hell I got all of this stuff into an apartment, I'll never know. My kids have two rooms now, and both rooms are fully in use. The room they had before was half the size of ONE of these. I am amazed I made it work for so long.

The move went smoothly enough. We got a lot done before we got "THE TRUCK". Our neighbor (Lily's godfather) helped us get most of the boxes over before we moved the big stuff. So actually getting in here was easy enough. And Josh & I are master unpackers. B is overly happy to be gone from the apartment. T, however, isn't taking it as well. He can't remember living anywhere else. He cried the first day here, wondering when he was going home. I asked if he remembered the house we had before the apartment, and he doesn't. That's just fine by me, because that means he doesn't remember the almost divorce. B remembers that & it sucks when he wants to talk about it. I asked what he missed so much and he said that he missed Chris and Boone. Chris was our neighbor and Boone was the puppy upstairs. I guess we're going to have to go visit Chris & Boone.

Poor kid. I feel bad for him.

But he'll get over it. The slip-n-slide is helping.