I know, I know. I admit it. I LIKE American Idol. There. Are you happy now?

Taylor: Eh. Ok. That's all.
Chris: I wish you had done some jazzy, a capella thing with Suspicious Minds. Oh well.
Emmit: I still don't like you. I never have. I cannot remember even one of your performances thus far. But gosh darn it, you sure did nail that Trouble tonight. It was the first song you have sung I have ever liked. And unfortunately, I'm betting that will get you through and send one of the other three, ridiculously more talented people home.
Katharine: Why in god's green earth didn't you sing Love Me instead of Can't Help Falling In Love? Does no one help you choose songs? As for the first song, all I have to say is what the hell is wrong with those judges? And I bet Andy held his breath through the whole song. Girly, you sure can shake what your momma gave you.