Torn from her home, forced to flee, she gathers her strength and runs forward towards her future. She presses on through the dark night, blind, led only by faith in what is possible. She is told to forget, to forgive, to move on. Yet, the harder she runs forward, the more she finds that she must stop and look behind her for a moment. The only way she can see where she's going is to remember where she came from.

The only way we go forward is to, on occasion, look back. And no one's turned to salt just yet.

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100 Words

A tangling of limbs in a dark, secluded corner of the world between two strangers turned into a child growing around my vital organs which turned into a little man pushing through an unwilling cervix that became soft pink skin warmed by mine in a hospital room that grew into cuddles after owwies which evolved into hasty kisses on my cheek at school doors and subtle snuggles when no one was looking which will change into handshakes at college dorms one day. For now, forever, I hold fast to the memory of my soft, sweet, perfect creation pressed against me.

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The Object Pictured in the Shoddy Camera Phone Picture is a One Pound Slab of Butter

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We rose from dinner, boys running outside to indulge in the last of the fleeting sunlight, baby off to play. Once the evening tea was brewed, a few minutes of quiet fell over the house. Beds waited to be turned, dishes waited to be washed, but even I could not resist the cool evening air, the still of twilight, the crisp night air of spring.

I stepped out on my deck, tea in hand, and soaked in the first moments of peace the day saw fit to bring. It’s a good thing the baby can find things to keep herself occupied.

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