The Shakespeare May Be Pushing It Slightly, I Know.

Dear 2009 Bloggies Organizers:

Is it really that important to you to see The Redneck Mommy and me mud-wrestle each other?  You are aware that we've both borne three large babies each and were left slightly, well, squishy after, right?  Do you realize that all you had to do was show up to BlogHer in July with a blow-up pool, a few packages of Jello and a 6-pack, and you could have achieved the same results in a way more you-tubeable way?

Because this shit right here?


Having us both as finalists for Best Canadian Blog?  It's just mean

  • One: She's going to clobber me.

  • Two: I'm not even Canadian

  • Three: There is no three; I just threw it in for dramatic effect.

What's done is done.  In 10 days, all the voting will be over and we can resume our torrid love affair friendship.  Until February 2nd, however, either thou or I or both with himTO SXSW.  That works.

Mr Lay vs Redneck Mommy: To the Pain!

Polls are open from now until 2 Feb. Choose wisely. Or pityingly. Either way, really.