At Seventeen

The first time I met him, he was busily trying to get all up on my flower girl.

Ring Bearer, extraordinare
My scanner isn't working, shut up.

He lived with me when he was 8, and that's when we fell in love.

Really, I think pictures of pictures are obnoxious, too. Desperate times...

I lived with him when he was 14, and that's when I began to really learn about the person he was.

Ed and baby

He came to visit me when he was 15, and that's when I began to appreciate the person he was becoming.

Garden of the Gods, Ed and baby

Today he turns 17, and my little sweet baby nephew is almost gone.

Run baby, run

Some man is busily trying to take his place.  This is my last year before he can fight in a war, before he can get a credit card, before he can drink in Mexico, before he goes off to college to NOT HAVE SEX WITH GIRLS, ED.

I never thought I could love another human being as much as those three I made, but I love this kid.  Just as much as my own.  That child who shares not one genetic link to me means more to me than any word could convey.  Next year, I won't be able to lecture him on tattoos, I won't be the one he calls if he needs math help, I'll just be his silly ol' auntie that he tells his college friends stories about.  The one who can't hold her booze and makes his mom cry when they try to.

This year, he's still ours, though.  This year he's still a child, he's still our first born baby boy, he's still a GOD to my kids and he's still a pain in his mother's ass.  I have 364 days to tell him I love him and pinch his not so little anymore cheeks and then I, we, us, the Mr Lady women, we have to set him free into the world.  I'm not ready.  We're not ready.

This shit just happens way too fast.