One: When I said the other day that I was wrong about my mother in law coming to stay, I think it came across as me saying that I was wrong or something.  Oh, rest assured, friends, I wasn't wrong at all.  Someone has just been on very super good behavior and someone else has just been quietly accommodating.  All those years of being a hostess are paying off bigtime this week.  But believe you me, she's getting her jabs in.  I think she's also, at the same time, kind of realizing that maybe I'm not the useless bag of poo that she's always thought me to be, and that maybe my marriage to her son isn't a total farce.

Either way, I gave her my cold, so ha.

Two: When I said that my poor baby boy has asthma, that didn't in any way mean that he couldn't come in 20 places higher in his first cross country meet than he did all season last year.  Because he totally kicks ass, that's why.

Three: In case you were confused, (Matt), that last post wasn't about all.  Maybe you should watch this.