Which Do You Want First?

The good news: We just now walked in the door from what started out as a birthday party for a friend's toddler at 1pm and turned into the most awesome rockstar day out in downtown Vancouver, like, ever.

The bad news: "Just now" just so happens to be 1:16 in the morning.

The good news: I took a shitton of pictures today on our little outing.

The bad news: The camera I brought today, though quite lovely and all, is so freaking antiquated that my shiny new laptop is all, "Pshaw, I am so totally too good for that software." And the guy with the shitastic laptop who can use the software? Is currently in another country.

The bad news: We returned home, ridiculously excited for ice cream, to find that the freezer has been set to Off for an indefinite amount of days.

The good news: The Kraft cheese slices that one of us put in there were totally not frozen.

The bad news: Each one of the four of us had to, at some point in the evening, get really comfortable with the idea of peeing in a Fatburger cup in front of half a million people.

The good news: Only one of us missed.