The Post in Which I Send You Elsewhere

A few weeks ago, my favorite blog-crush, NukeDad, wrote a post about his father's death on, you guessed it, Father's Day. Which then prompted me to blather on about something or the other. And that should have ended it, but it didn't. You see, I just keep thinking about that post, and how beautiful and dang-gum touching it was, and even though I knew NukeDad was all kinds of awesome and funny, I was almost down-right shocked at how perfectly he pulled off heart-wrenching. And so I, naturally, nominated him for Petroville and Suburban Turmoil's June Perfect Post. He's actually the first person I've nominated, and I couldn't be more happy about that.

A few more weeks ago, Jeremy at Discovering asked me to come up with a question to ask a bunch of guys I don't really know. But it had to be a sincere, marriage-based question. I thought and thought and thought and in the end, there was only one thing I wanted an answer to. I am totally embarrassed to say click here, but I'm saying it. Click here. And please don't think less of me. It was an honest question.

It appears that Kelley at MagnetoBoldToo! (it's a font, kids) is the winner of the contest that Hubs has asked me to never mention again. So I won't, but she won, and now I get her ADDRESS. I love contests, man,