Rate the Hate Version East Meets West

So, yeah, I have lost yet another set of car keys. And because of that, the scrumdidalyicious dinner I was going to make tonight, take pictures of, and tease you with will have to become Sunday dinner. But being a giving kind of gal, I'll still tell you how to make it.

Thai Cobb Salad, ala The Wynkoop Brewery.  Thanks, Molly.  I knew I was forgetting something.  Because it's summer, yo, and salads are King.

Okay, so you grill some chicken and cook some rice noodles. That's all the cooking you have to do. Toss together avocado slices, tomatoes wedges, boiled eggs (optional, I just like'm), bacon crumbles and spicy/sweet peanuts. You're going for a nice chunky salad, so don't go dicing all your veggies. It looses the effect. (How exactly does one loose and effect, I'd like to know? The same was someone LOSES an effect or RUINS an effect or fails to consult a Thesaurus? Yeah.) Mix, in a bowl, regular old salad lettuce (I use 1/2 bag of the Spring Mix stuff and 1/2 bag of the Italian mix stuff) and toss that with a dressing. I'm still looking for the "right" thai dressing, but I've found that Renee's Japanese Ginger works just fine until I get it right. (Why yes, I am aware I could just make one, why do you ask?) On a nice, big plate, put some lettuce, top that with some rice noodles, and then top THAT with a whole bunch of the mixed toppings. Drizzle a little more dressing on and serve.

Yummy? Like, to the MAX and shit, yo. Maybe some bread on the side? Oh yeah, baby.

So, what did YOU have for dinner?