Little Big Blog

So I am first up on the guest blogging scene.  I am very privileged to be here with Mr. Lady's reader's, and a bit unworthy ta boot.  I am not a creative writer and I tried my hand at blogging a few times but I don't play well with others, or may not play, but share well with others.   If your going to put yourself out there it is a terribly bad thing to do it after the creative styling of my sister who writes like some people breath... organically.  

Just a quick intro to me and a message to the Mister Mister herself.  I am the unfortunate side effect and an experiment gone wrong.  The experiment was to find out what happens when two people that should be sterilized decide to have children.  Oh well.  After the failed attempt they decided that I needed a playmate... (Have they not heard of a puppy?) So there you have Mr. Lady. (Really, that's the why of Mr. Lady)  

I currently am father to three fantastic kids and husband to one fabulous wife.  I am a computer geek who loves music and my BMX bike.  I like the Sci-Fi and romantic Comedies.  I love to cook, golf, and play video games.

So over the years Mr. Lady has given you many anecdotes about some of the horrific goings on in our household.  These are comical and scary all at the same time, the beauty that was our hate hate relationship, but I thought as a holiday message I would give you a quick perspective switch.  As I said, Mr. Lady was born as my personal plaything, which looking back, didn't quite turn out the way they had hoped.  What does she mean to me...

This is the person that in order to save me from a beating (and when I say beating I mean picture a 5 year old child being spanked with a white leather belt with metal studs and because... I don't know, he didn't cry enough or violently withdraw into a cocoon of fear and agony, the man who fathered him decides to switch to a wire hanger to make sure he feels good about himself while seeing how much blood he can draw without being questioned by the authorities, not that they cared that much back then) she took the blame for drinking the cherry juice out of the jar thus taking the beating. The stories like to say I "Jedi Mind Tricked" her, but as all of you know she is too smart for that.   

I had begged to get a Cabbage Patch doll, Chuck was his name, just so that I might have something to play with her. And we did play, for hours at a time.  I use to build these "club houses" out of sheets in our rooms to play in.  We would also talk for hours through a little hole in the wall, one meant for a telephone socket.  My entire life I wanted to be just like her.  Cute, smart, witty...  So you may find yourself asking what all about the horror stories you have heard.  Well they are all true, mostly. :-)  I think of them this way though;  You ever have that boy or girl you really liked, but in the state of emotional madness that only childhood can deliver instead of being nice and approaching that person, well like an adult you did the exact opposite?  Like telling them they have cooties?  Or harassing them to the point of exhaustion?  This is a lot like that.  While there is a lot more I could say about it, I know I was ass like as a kid but three years ago I had thanksgiving with my younger sister and her FANTASTIC family.  It was a small place. I had my entire family which at the time was only four people, and she had her family of five and we stayed for like 4 days.  Most people would have been done by day two, and three years later I wish I was still there.  It was the best holiday, or weekend I have ever had.  

Now I am guest blogging on her online diary.  There are no words to describe how much I love her and her our family, but being a music guy, I think Little Wonders is really a good way to finish up this thought.  

Nough said.  (Due to an influx of confused and head spun readers, like the exorcist, but different... well not all that different.  Here is the section break and the start of the actual blog subject.)

******************************************************************* <- Fancy Section Break

What to write about?  Kids?  Games? Twizzlers?  Music? I like all these things, I know let's write about ALL of this!

In a crazy world where all video games must have someone shooting someone else, half nekked <fill in the blank>, G's, pimp's and ho ho ho's the Boys and Girls at Media Molecule have introduced an AMAZING new game... (Yes I love ellipses, I use them generously and with total disregard for the English language.) 

Little Big Planet

So you start with a sack, like a rice sack ( you know the ones with the ridiculously hard to cook rice... something about soaking it, and then pre-cooking it, then cooking it.  Uncle Ben is my freaking HERO)  Now you fill it with beans ( you know those beans, not kidney or pinto, but the ones you again need a six year degree to even purchase) and you have this guy.  

Sack Boy



This guy is cute.  Then you get to customize him...



untitled-3untitled-4Disco Inferno Sack





Sweet SackCommando SackHippy Sack


So you think, this is cool...  This is pretty neat, now what?  So you start to explore and with the help of an insanly soothing and clear to understand voice (like the voice of god, but like I said, easy to understand) you discover a world of corrigated cardboard and sponges.  Planet of PlayOnce you get into this new world you find a place of creativity and fun, (The artwork reminds me of a well done Monte Python art with a bit of Tim Burton thrown in for flavor) where you and your Sack friends can go and play and explore.


In your exploration you find and collect patchs, stickers, cute objects like tiki masks and a plethora of materials to customize your world and your sack.  All of this is done without ever picking up a gun or large heaving breast popping up at awkward times.  And when I say cutomize your world I mean this image below Build a Levelis all from scratch!!!  Ok so this looks to be pretty complicated then, I mean how can it look like this without some Astro-Phsyics degree from MIT?  Well if that were true the 7 and 5 year old playing in my house must be pretty advanced. (While I assume they were born with the knowledge of the entire world and are infact the smartest kids on the planet, one must face the reality I am might be biased)  And yes it's super cute, every time my 2of3 has to restart an area he re-creates his sack.  Him and 1of3 will sit around and see what super hero's then can make.  They found a red cape on a level and now they have superman, unless of course they put glasses on him then he is clark kent.  Or if they get that... it looks like a Tim Burton skeleton suit, and puts a cape on it, it's dead Superman... "but not rewee, it's juss a game Dad."  But they sit there and giggle and laugh as they put outfits on and off endlessly.  

OH and you can control the emotions they show...  like angry for instance:  Angry Sack





And the music that is used in game has me tapping my feet and my 3of3 spinning and dancing.  You can also find music clips in levels to add to your levels which is also super neat and customizable.

So with that, here is level creation demo video and a gameplay video, I hope you enjoy.