Last Week in Everything But That One Thing

And then I didn't say one single word about rehab for two whole weeks straight, because I suck. I'm getting to it, I swear.

Fact you may not know about me: I'm an athiest with something of a thing for churches. So, naturally, this happened while I was in Montreal...this being proof that I will never be a real Canadian like some people because I made the mistake of calling it the Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal and not, OOOO! The place where Celine Dion got married! 

And then I had some Canadian meat and then I came home. 

And between then and now I haven't been able to figure out how to talk about everything that has happened, and everything that hasn't, so instead I've been talking about other things in other places. 

Like the fact that Voices of the Year closes at 5pm PST today, so if you want to nominate a post, you better click here, like, rightfreakingnow. 

Or like the fact that my 12 year old can make onion rings and so I will be keeping him chained to the radiator forever. 

Or that I can write a post about eating vegetables and find a correlation to skanky cheerleaders. Which, when I write it out like that, isn't all that impressive. Shit.

Or that I'm going to BlogHer Food for the first time ever and I'm kind of totally excited about it and stuff.

And eventually, I'm going to get to the rest. 

I caught you a delicious bass; wanna play me?

My kid does this thing with his hands whenever there is an uncomfortable moment in our day. He calls it Awkward Turtle and I'm pretty sure it's something he's picked up off of thems there internets, but I don't care because it's AWESOME and I'm going to use it right now.

*puts one hand on top of other*
*sticks thumbs out and spins them around in circles*
*inches turtle forward*

Oh, nevermind; ask me to show it to you next time you see me.

So there's no real seque from that post into this one, except that

A) everything is fine for now, and
2) I can't believe I didn't do that years ago, I feel *that* much better and
lastly) I have bigger fish to fry.

Fish like blogging conferences. Blogging conferences like BlogHer, which is where I work now.

Um. Yeah. I cannot believe it, either.

After, like, 87 Internet Years, Jes Ferris moved on from BlogHer and I somehow duped them into letting me take her place as Conference Programming Manager, which is so very awesome and so very time consuming that I think I will henceforth just be a Saturday night blogger, if I'm lucky. I made it all of nine days into my Highly Lofty Plan to Post a Picture Every Day and posted two whole times at my Babble blog this year so they're probably going to fire me, but that's okaysih because I really, really, really truly, madly, deeply love my new job.

Really. I'd stand with it on a mountain. I'd bathe with it in the sea.

I'm Going, Y'all! - BlissdomWhile we're on blogging conferences, I'm going to Blissdom for the first time ever, so if you're going too, I'll be the person continuously standing under something taller than she herself is, wearing rubber shoes and eating all the imitation Jesus-meat crackers I can get my hands on, just in case. Say hi, if you dare.

2012 Dad 2.0 Summit - March 8-10I'm also going to the Houston Meet-Up for Dad 2.0 summit this Thursday night at The Stag's Head Pub downtown because, ironically enough, I really need a fucking drink. That, and I think that Doug French and John Pacini are stand-up guys and fantastic leaders in the dad blogging community who are going to throw one hell of a boy's weekend out conference, and I fully support their efforts that I won't be able to attend, see: new job.

And I think that's pretty much the total summation of every minute of spare time I have from now until August 6th, which means Daphne Brogdon is going to have to keep flaring her nostrils at me for pretty much abandoning everything I was up to at my kids' schools, but that's okay because, well, frankly? She's stinking adorable when she roars her terrible roars, she says from several thousand miles away.

Volunteering At School: Do You Buck Up Or Bow Out? w/ Daphne, Janice and yours truly on Momversation.