13,148.96 Days Later

All day, every day, we interact with other people. Maybe the guy at the bank doesn't make much of an impression, but maybe the checker at Safeway makes you feel something. You never know where it's going to happen or when. It could be on the stoop of an apartment building, at a bar, or while you're pumping your gas, but all around us are people, and sometimes a person's spark jumps out to you, and sometimes, if you're really lucky, you're just open enough to catch it.

And then, on rare occasion, you get to cross paths with someone who is made out of nothing but Aluminum and Nickel and Cobalt, and everyone who crosses his path is pulled to him by a force that they can't even explain. Someone who is a living, breathing magnet. Someone who is beautiful and kind and amazing and authentic and just the type of person that, once you get him, you know you're never letting him go.

Maybe you'll meet him at the dollar store, maybe at the swimming pool with your kids, or maybe, just maybe, if you're really insanely lucky, maybe one day, he'll stumble across your blog and leave you a comment.

Today is the birthday of my very favorite dad blogger, BusyDad. If you've read his blog, if you've met him in person, if you've ever talked to him, you'll know that he's one of those people, the kind you just can't live without, the kind that makes you smile even when you don't think you can, who draws you in and keeps you there.

Now that I've met him in person, now that I've sat in a room with 8 other people watching him interact with them, I can tell you that what I imagined is totally confirmed; he laughs with his whole body, he listens with his eyes, not just his ears, he is kind and caring and gentle and silly and charming and, and this is the kicker, he can totally roll with a bunch of drunk chicks who really like hip hop and period talk, and not even flinch. That boy is pure gold, I tell yah.

Before he left to catch his entirely too early plane out of San Francisco on Saturday morning, a friend and Jim and I had a little time with just the three of us. We walked through a city none of us knew, all three of us essentially strangers to each other, and it really felt like we had known each other for a lifetime after only 20 hours together. Maybe that's the joy of reading people's blogs, the way you can take someones life into your heart before you ever get to take their hand into your hand. Or maybe we were all destined to know each other. Who the hell knows?

What I do know is that I am glad BusyDad found the courage to leave me a comment one day a long time ago. I am glad that I followed it back to his site. I am glad that we accidentally met, and that we allowed our friendship to grow. I am glad that we write a little blog together, and that we are parents at the same time, and that the paths of our lives get to not just cross, but intertwine for a while.

And I'm most glad that he's super stinking hot, because really? You could dip Steve Buscemi in all the chocolate and sprinkles you want, he could be the sweetest man on earth, his veins could pump Nutra-Sweet, but yeah, he'd still look like Steve Buscemi. Call me shallow. Bygones.

Happy birthday, my old friend, my new friend. I hope I don't annoy you to much, because I kinda think you're stuck with me for a long time comin'. Thanks for all that you are, all that you do, for your humour and your kindness and your unconditional friendship. It means more to me, to all of us that you touch, than you could ever hope to know.