Oh yes, you WILL be mine

One Day Left

Today is the big day. THE day. Some lucky readers get to be my Valentine today. About your entries? Dag, yo. Y'all are hilarious. Also, some of you are really screwed up. Some of you will be getting referrals to therapists. A few of you, however, are getting presents. Let's start, shall we?

~Before we begin, I have a dilemma on my hands that I need your help with. In the interests of fairness, I kept this thing totally anonymous, you know? Well, here's the problem.

My totally awesome friends, Diane and Darla, have been reading this blog since, oh, DAY ONE. The were my only readers for, like, a year. They were the only commenters for, like, TWO years. I would not be here today were it not for them. (no joke) The Double D's (as I call them when it's just me) entered and entered and entered this thing. They embraced it. They WERE the contest. And what does bitchy old Mr Lady do in thanks? She totally fails in every way to pick their entries. Because I suck, that's why.

So, readers (and blog-hoppers *What Up*) I need you to decide for me whether or not to give them the award anyway. I could just go do it behind your backs, but that's not how I roll.

Choose wisely.

And now, onto the show....

The Grand Prize winner. Seriously? This one made me laugh so hard I almost cried. This one made The Donor (he has asked that I not use his name, now that he's reading my blog *yikes* and after a long, hard debate on the subject, we decided to go back to our pet-names before we got married, back when I was first pregnant. Me? The Incubator. Him? The Donor.) this one made The Donor laugh so hard he almost cried. He agreed that if anyone was filling his shoes this year, this entry was worthy.
THE WINNER of the 3rd shift vote. Because really, you couldn't get away with this sober.
the anti-valentine:
Do you like to do laundry and getting to iron it and put it away afterwards?
I would stay up to talk to you - I