This Week In...

This week in I Officially Have No Free Time:
Once upon a time, my favorite dad on the internet, BusyDad, and I lost our fucking minds and bought a domain name. And then, after a little deliberation and a lot of NewCastle, we slapped it on a website. And today, it's open for business. Stark Raving Dads is the name, shelling out free, bad advice to guys is the game. Think I'm wrong? Think we have tons of sound advice for you? Um, neither of us have read one parenting book, we both let our kids play with knives, with fire, and open beers. But we've managed to keep them alive and to keep ourselves sane this long, so we've gotta know something, right? Come visit us. Feel free to laugh at us. With us. Something.

This week in You've Got To Be Fucking Kidding Me:
And I quote: "Yesterday, we had a black bear visit our dumpster," says the letter sent home from school with my kids yesterday. "A member of our community notified us. The students were at recess at the time." Um, guys, the dumpster is RIGHT NEXT to the playground. And I know my kids are pretty darn tasty. Just sayin'.

This week in Let Me Make Stalking Me As Easy As Humanly Possible:
June 7th, at The Corner Office in The Curtis Hotel, I will not be sitting with David, The Blogger Formerly Known As Andy, and some of the coolest Rocky Mountain Bloggers drinking til it hurts philosophizin' and pontificatin'. Making the world a better place, you know? They will be, thanks to who is helping us throw this spring's Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash (unless they want to fly me out for it, yo. *winkwink*) I will, however, be there on August 28th, same Bat place, same Bat time. That's right, has agreed to throw not one but TWO bashes. The August one? Last day of The Democratic National Convention. It's the PERFECT excuse for bloggers far and wide, young and old, to come do body shots off each other lend their voice to the upcoming election. Resurrection Song, the Former World Wide Rant and this silly little Mommy Blogger are your hosts for the evening. To RSVP, or to just be nosey and snoop, or to get in early on the site that makes MySpace look like great big pansies (Oh, wait, they did that themselves?) set yourself up an account at and look for Mr Lady or Zombyboy. We'll help you RSVP. It's a really cool site. I bet you'll like it, too.

This week in Someone Call the Exterminator; There's a Bug in Here:
Doesn't look like much, right? Right. But wait, what's that noise?

Regular everyday normal dryer

Is there something, um, errr, in there?

What\'s that?

Oh shit. How'd THAT get in there?


Maybe it's wrong, maybe I'm going straight to Maytag hell, but this was the cutest thing I have EVER found in the wrong place.

This week in Celebrity Appearances:
It's 6am right now. Wanna know when the last time I saw 6am is? Me, too. Someone in my family is going to be on tv this morning, and that someone is quite nervous about it, since it's going to be re-broadcast nation-wide. And the best part of all? It's not COPS.

More coffee, please....