My Car Has Crabs

The other day I made an off-handed reference to my car and the fact that it smelled a bit off, like, "vomit with really smelly feet" or something. Well, after a little digging, I am happy to report that I found the source of the odor.

One Dead Crab.

That's right, I had a dead crab in the back of my car. Factually, I had one full dead crab, one separate crab leg, and a few assorted crab parts on the side. You see, we spent a day at the beach last week, and the boys found all these totally rad crab parts that they just HAD to show their friends at home, and then 2of3 hit the motherload: One whole, entire, completely awesome dead crab. About the size of his palm.

I believe the exact agreement we struck went something like this: "You can show them to your friends and then they go straight into the outside trash." Two days later, we remembered that conversation.

So, I wrote that little post, and then Jill over at Charming & Delightful and I got into an email pissing match exchange over who had found the most gross stuff in the back of their car. And then we realized that hey, maybe we aren't the only two total suck ass overwhelmed and outnumbered mothers in the world. And THEN we decided to have a little contest.

That's right, we would like to know what the nastiest, most disgusting, slimiest, stinkiest thing you've ever found in your car is. I have found a pear that, by the feel of it when I discovered it under the passenger seat of the car, seemed about 4 months expired. Minimum. Only because it felt like pureed brains.

And, yeah, my car has crabs. Top that.

The winner will receive salvation in the form of a gift pack from Febreze, because if I believe in anything in life, it's hiding the evidence.

All you have to do to enter is:

  • Leave a comment, on either my blog or Jill's, telling us ALL about it. We want to know the smell, the feel, the look. The more our stomachs turn, the better.

  • Post about it on your own site, and be sure to include a link back to Febreze in the post. Feel free to steal our copyright-infringing button that we totally stole from the internet and modified anyway.

  • If you like, turn it into a post at your own blog and just sign up on the handy little Mr Linky thing on either of our sites.

Entries will be accepted until Monday, August 18th. And good luck topping dead crabs, yo.