Rate the Hate the Kraft Cheese and Macaroni Edition

How to get Kraft Dinner served actually for dinner in 20 easy steps:

  1. Send daddy out of town for 4 days. Make sure he doesn't get one single day off of work for 2 weeks straight upon his return.

  2. Find a way to give your little sister shingles. While your dad's out of town.

  3. Decide that $10 isn't worth it anymore, and stop doing ALL of your chores.

  4. Make sure dad works late every night, keeping mom up past midnight every night waiting for him to get home. Get her on a good schedule.

  5. But still need to be dressed, fed and at school by 8:55 am every day.

  6. Work it out so that your little brothers gets good and beat up on the playground at school.

  7. Guilt your mother into thinking that it's somehow her fault for making him the middle child, and then send her to Science World to try & buy his love. After a long meeting with the principal, of course.

  8. All with your little sister.

  9. Who is two.

  10. At naptime.

  11. Go on a field trip while mom and siblings are at Science World. Smash your foot into something.

  12. Go to doctor's office, then to the Radiology department at hospital with mom, little brother, and little sister.

  13. Who is two.

  14. At bedtime.

  15. Feed your little sister a rock of crack cocaine, ensuring that she will not sleep anytime before 2 am.

  16. Drag your mom out of bed the next morning for Little League practice, make her take you to get crutches, and then take all of you for haircuts, and then the grocery store, all without dad but with your little brother and your little sister.

  17. Who is two.

  18. Over lunchtime and naptime.

  19. Remind your almost-comatose mother at 6:30pm that children have to eat in order to continue not dying.

  20. Feast upon your Kraft Dinner.