This Week In....

This week in I Sure Fooled Them: The terribly funny and hysterically witty husband and wife team at Are We There Yet? have asked little ol' me to join them on their podcast this evening. Apparently, they think I'm insiteful or funny or somethin'. I'll show them. 10pm Eastern. You can call in here, I think. Or read it here. Be there or be watching Lost on TiVo.

This week in Shameless Plugs: StarkRavingDads is really fun, and we really like doing it, and we're running out of questions. The floor is open to moms. Pay us a visit, would ya? We try to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Help a sista out.

This week in A Trip Down Amnesia Lane: Ever heard of x365? You write something once a day about people you've met. I'm doing a photo/haiku study. It's wickedly awesome, and I am participating at my Cre8Buzz Blog.

This week in Is It September Yet?: If that wasn't the best, most fucking up, least informative yet most informative Lost the world has ever known, I don't know what is. Screw summer; I need answers, dammit. (I've got it DVR'd if you need a copy.)

This week in Well, THAT paid off nicely: The hell that is Little League is still going strong (2 weeks left, yo) but 1of3's team won the Rookie Championship this weekend. By 10-1 in the final game. I don't think I have ever been so proud.

This week in Still Not Sure it Was Worth It: The sunburn I got while watching my kid crush the competition? The good news is, I no longer look exactly like a tomato. The bad news? I now look like a tomato with leprosy. Peeling sucks.

This week in See? TOLD YOU SO: There's all this hubub about BPA leaching into baby bottles, and yes, I am as concerned as the next mom, but I'm not, really. Even though Canada is recalling Avent bottles, even though that dreaded Cancer word is getting thrown about, I never got my panties in a ruffle. I've had kids for 10 years, yo. I've been through my share of Doomsday Fads. First it was the Nasty Chemicals in Johnson's Shampoo. Then it was Soy Formula Destroying Sperm Counts. Then it was Anti-Bacterial Everything (and don't even get me started on THAT bullshit.) This struck me as one of them. Turns out, that BPA that evil, naughty Zeut Avent has been shoving down our precious kids' throats has been present for a LONG time in, well, a shitton of other stuff. Click the chart to enlarge. Your chicken noodle soup is doing a lot more damage than your bottles. Tomato sauce? THE ANTI-CHRIST. Read the CTV article here. And then draw your own conclusions.

This week in gas: My toddler has learned a fun new trick. The Fake Burp. Ah, the joys of having older brothers. I have a video, but it really didn't turn out. Trust me, it's the funniest shit you'd ever see. Arrrrrrrrgh! Eh-sscuse Me!

This week in ridiculous wastes of money: We bought a new couch this week, which should arrive sometime today. After a few years of 5 people and one 3 seater couch, we bit the bullet and got a sectional. It's leather. And CREAM. I give it 10 minutes before the kids completely ruin it.

This week in Missing: Reward for Information Leading to the Safe Return Of: This week, I also bought a dress. A sundress. A hot pink sundress. And I really LIKE it. Who are you and what have you done with Mr Lady?

This week in straight up brain poison: Richard Marx songs have been stuck in my head all week. I blame NukeDad, who started my whole chain of crappy 80's music obsessing with this little nugget. Again, click to enlarge. And spit coffee all over your monitor.

How to Make a Candy Cane in 8 Easy Steps

1. Have a child. Make sure she has almost no pigment in her skin. A 75% Scotch/Irish and 25% Ukrainian mix should do nicely.

2. Don't forget that she'll need to be trampy enough to have 3 kids.

3. Put a couple of those kids in Little League.

4. Get one of those kids into a really kick-ass team who advances all the way to the Championship game.

5. But make sure they spend two FULL bright, sunny hot days at the ballpark before they get through.

6. And sign her up to work the barbecue grill for three hours.

7. And make sure the other kids distract her just enough that she totally forgets about sunscreen.

8. While she's wearing a wife-beater.

8. Enjoy.