Rate the Hate the Entertaining Edition

We are having company tomorrow. The Donor's Canadian BFF is coming for dinner after they play 18 holes. He is, um, a chef.


A chef means I have one of two choices; I order pizza or I up my game. I am anti-pizza (unless it's here with her) and really I have nothing that can come close to what a professional could pull off, so I decided to do the one thing they can't pull off here in Canada, no matter how hard they try...Fish Tacos. I make a mean fish taco. Have you ever been to Wahoo's? Stop what you're doing and go. Now. It's worth the airfare.

I kind of took what they do and guessed how to do it myself. I didn't do half bad, yo. Tomorrow night, I am making the Crazy Fancy Version of what is just about the easiest dinner on the planet, but I'll tell you how to make the Track and then Little League and Then Dinner at 8:30 Oh Shit I've Got Nothing to Cook version:

Cook some rice. I use basmati, almost exclusively, but use whatever you like best. You can sprinkle the rice with furikake after it's steamed if you want, or not, up to you. If not, stir in a little chopped cilantro and some salt and pepper.

Take a few mahi mahi fillets and grill them (Fish and shrimp only take a few minutes on each side, just so you know). Squeeze a bunch of lime juice on them and then sprinkle them with my boyfriend Emeril's Creole Seasoning*. Set them aside to rest.

Meanwhile, warm up some black beans, shred some cabbage and cheese (yes, I still shred my own cheese. Shut up.) Mix up a quick pico de gallo (tomatoes, onions, cilantro, salt & pepper.)

Flake out the fish and put it on a warm CORN tortilla. Top with cheese, pico, a little chopped cilantro and a lime wedge (or 30.) On the plate, scoop rice and black beans.


That's it. really. Our rice and beans go straight into the tacos. The Donor drowns them in Tapatio. I squeeze what probably ends up being an entire lime's worth of juice on top. Either way, it's our favorite dinner in under 20 minutes. I had pictures for you, but I lost them. I'll take some of the FancyPants version tomorrow.

Dessert? Hells to the yeahs. My favorite dessert almost ever is Fruit Pizza. I make the whitest trashiest version of it, with sugar cookie dough crust and strawberry yogurt/cool whip sauce, but Fawnahareo blew my little mind with her much classier recipe the other day. Dag, yo. I'm so making that. Click through and bask in the light of the glory of her tasty deliciousness.

*They should really be paying me by this point, don't you think?