Housekeeping I'll Actually Do

Because after two weeks, I feel pretty confident that these are just never getting folded and put away.
Yep, all clean.
And my husband would like to note that this has been three weeks in the making.
Starbucks doesn't offer THAT.
In all fairness, he put it there, and there is behind "his" toilet, so I'm not taking the fall for it.  Period.

Anyway, two things:

1) The Partial Feeds.  Here's the thing...people's blogs get scraped all the time, I get that, and for the most part I can roll with it.  Mine isn't so fucking earth-shattering that I can't stomach some stupid pregnancy website that no one reads anyway lifting my content every single goddamn day, but when websites that make mention of boys in ways that Michael Jackson would even be all, "Whoa, dude", the claws come out.  And then, when I get so hyper-sensitive that I send an email to the people at FavorIt or whatever that site is called tearing them an new internet asshole for doing nothing more than Google Reader does, I figure it's time for me to stop the madness.  Hence the partial feeds. I am really sorry; I know they suck.

2) Comments.  The always lovely Judith Shakespeare is currently working on a shiny new template for me and while I wait, I've been thinking about other things that need to give.  I'm a fan of emailing replies to comments so that no one knows when I totally suck ass and don't reply I can leave personal, and possibly risque, responses.  However, after a long talk with my pretend internet boyfriend who espoused the merits of replying in the comments and talked about community building and conversations which is really funny coming from a guy who eats ice cream with Hitler, I thought that maybe I was wrong.

So, you pick.  Do I keep emailing replies or do they go in comment threads?  Reader's choice, yo.