Today, June 20th, summer comes to the Western Hemisphere. Hallafreakinglujah. Mr Lady don't like her some winter, just sayin'. Vancouver even seems to have played along today (read: We turned the heat off for the third time this year and no one's wearing a hoodie. ON THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER)

To ring in the new season, a few bloggers, including Vancouver's one and only Colleen Coplick (from B5 Media and well, a lot of other places*) are participating in The Great Blog Off, a 24 hour blog-a-thon to raise money for charity. Colleen was exactly drunk enough when I told her I'd help her out to actually allow me to taint her blog with my Tales of Poop. And she was exactly mean enough to post what I wrote. At one in the morning. All hopped up on tea and red wine. And feeling slightly randy. Bygones.

Go check out some of the other great bloggers playing today. It's for charity, yo.

I was one click away from enlisting to post 24 times today, when common sense got the better of me. Or I needed a smoke. Either way. Instead, I celebrated my narrowly-acquired freedom by dragging the toddler and the 8 year old downtown on a school day. There was sunshine, there was Science World and there was a little sumpin' sumpin' I like to call "The Great American Sneak Peek." Looky looky...

Tell me that's not a great camera phone picture. I dare you to.

Guess who's coming to Vancouver? The Dragon Boat Races. Hellz to the yeahz.

Did I ever tell you that the one thing I wish I could do fabulously, the one sport I've ever wanted to play, was rowing? Me and rowing? Like Kathy and Regis. This weekend, the kids and I will join the throngs of Vancouverites coming to check out the races, but today, we got to TOUCH a boat.

We got to watch trial runs. We got to meet a few of the Vancouver Team members. Why?

Right place, right time. Also, 2nd grade ditch day. Word to your mother.

PS: A few mommas from around the way are having a BlogBlast For Education today. Well worth the read. I, however, was waiting for a little present for y'all to arrive before I posted, and it just now arrived as I typed this post, but rest assured, I'm back on my PTA thumpin' high horse come Monday morn.

And it wasn't this present, but you're welcome anyway.
*When you heard of Rogue Magazine, and trust me, you will hear of Rogue Magazine, you need to get on that shit.