Steal My Sunshine

3of3 does a little work for, and by "work", I mean "she gets followed around by her mother with a camera for a whole day or two and she gets really cute outfits for her troubles."  It's really a win/win situation.  This weekend we had a new outfit to shoot, and oh-my-god-the-sun-is-still-shining-here, so we spent the better part of two days soaking it up and getting the right pictures.

Which totally didn't suck for her.

Day #1: Park with the neighbor kids for 3 hours. Not the RIGHT pictures, but fun ones all the same.





Day #2: Riding the ding-dong* downtown and back for no good reason at all.  (I edited each of these with a different tool in, because I have a million other things to do and I don't feel like doing any of them right now, that's why.)

This one's just Vibrance.

This one is using Focal Soften.

This one uses Boost and 1960's.

Lunch break. Or: Take out your dentures....

I crush your heads!

This one uses CinemaScope and then Sepia at about 50% strength.

This little piggie got none. Nothing. I loved it just the way it was.

This one uses Lomo-ish, also at about half-strength, give or take.

This one uses Boost at around 25% and then Black and White effect painting in reverse.

And that's it for me. See all of Lotus' Weekly Winners here, and join me next week for Basketball Jones, or White Men Really Can't Jump So Much After All.

*The ding-dong is the bus or the SkyTrain, which is like the el through the city, if the el had magic powers that transformed it into a subway at certain key points along its route. Anyway, I think ding-dong is a much better word for them anyway; it's what they say and all. Kind of like fluflubee, but that's another story.**

**Anybody else suddenly have the urge to watch the Neverending Story?