When I started blogging, we didn't have anything at all like we have today. Seriously. Widgets were just methed out short people. Mobile browers were assholes who walked past your store and never bought shit. All we had was a bunch of html, time, and each other.

And we helped each other. Zomyboy taught me how to do this and this to words, because god knows there wasn't a button for it. I spent months googling for instructions on how to do this. (Hover over it.) I ruined code, reset it, ruined it again, reset it again, and eventually learned how to basically code all the functionality I wanted into my blog.

And then social media was born, and we taught each other that, too. I think I was the first person who asked Greeblemonkey what Twitter was and didn't get their neck punched. She and Christine were my first two friends, and they @'d me and dm'd me and basically guided me through the rocky terrain that is social media.

Of course, I went and quit it eventually, but still. I came back, and as of last week, Greeblemonkey is still teaching me how to use that fucking website.

My point is that we all used to help each other. You found a new blog tool? You told all your friends how to use it. You saw someone who needed to knowhow to do something? You showed them how to do it.

It seems like now there's more of a feeling of entitlement about the whole thing. Like, I'm not going to share my tricks with you because I paid for/earned/slaved over a hot html code for them. Meanwhile, I have friends that don't know how to do anything at all in the back-end of their blog, and don't even realize that they could know all of this, easily. We don't talk about how we blog, technically how we do it, anymore, and we're the ones supposedly revolutionizing the medium. I actually once heard a blogger say that if you didn't subscribe to ProBlogger, you weren't a real blogger and had no business here.


Maybe I don't have the attention span to read ProBlogger. It really takes a certain breed. But maybe you do, and he's sharing all of that knowledge for free, and you're drinking the kool-aid, so why the fuck are you judging me and not just paying it forward?


So, I'm going to try a little something out. I really don't know a lot, but I know a little, and I'm going to share it. You got a tech-question about blogging? Hit me. There's no stupid question except the one you don't ask. Or, where are your keys? They're under the 2nd couch cushion, just like they always are. Every Friday, we're going to get our elbows greasy answering your questions and learn something about the machine behind the machine.

Lesson one: Always hover over links and images. You never know what you'll miss. {This lesson brought to you by the letters X, K, C and D, who inspired me to learn how to use sub-text}

Lesson two, for tomorrow: Which blogging platform is the right one. Like, for you.