Rate the Hate the So Awesome We Need Equipment Edition

Wow. It's been a really long time since I've done a recipe. Like, over a month long, and I wouldn't exactly say that last one counted or anything. Before I get started, though, Jeremy at Discovering Dads threw down the gauntlet, saying that I could actually stand to lose the contest that I wasn't intentionally winning in the first place. So yeah, maybe you want to click that link and show him what we're all made of? Because it's not like I don't know the crazy kids at Lijit personally, or like I didn't already get a t-shirt from them for simply being trampy enough to flash them my boobies, but I really can't stand down a dare.

Moving on...

Teriyaki skewers. Um, yum and stuff? My kids will eat anything so long as it's on a stick. Me, too, actually. Food on a stick is awesome; I don't care who says what. These little beauties are just chicken cut into chucks, soaked in a teriyaki marinade. They're threaded on a skewer (that's been soaking in water for an hour so it won't burn, because I am too cheap forgetful to ever actually buy metal skewers) with cherry tomatoes, pineapple chunks and mushrooms for the big kids. Ideally there'd be some red onion, too, but y'all know what color my hair is. Onions were on the list, scratched off the list when I came home, but not actually in the basket. Ugh.


Simmer down, yo. I know, I know. Then I poured a bunch of pineapple juice over them. We love us some pineapple juice around here, and not just because of this. They got sprinkled with salt and pepper and were left to sit for just a little, until they got closer to room temp. And then, after a light olive oil brushing....


Feel free to tell me you want to have my babies, I can handle it. They grilled over medium high heat until they looked done. I have no clue how long that took, sorry. I whipped up a little couscous and then our judges had their say.

Brain Bucket

Apparently, 1of3 thought they were so good he had to wear his brain bucket to the table to keep his head from exploding.


And apparently, 2of3 hasn't worn his brain bucket enough. Don't listen to him; they were da bomb, baby. And done, start to finish, in under 30 minutes.

(Not pictured: 3of3. Who had Spaghettios and a temper tantrum. Whatever, hoser.)